HBC May Music Festival -


Thu May 26th 2016 to Sun May 29th 2016
Seoul, Haebangchon

Event Details

HBC May Music Festival - "It goes to Eleven" May 27th and 28th will see musicians and live music once again come to you 'live" in the area of Yongsan-Gu known as 'Hae Bang Chon' H.B.C. Fest!!! Now in it's eleventh year and starting a second decade. "It goes to Eleven." ARTISTS FOR HBC 2016: Kimchi Cowboys Used Cassettes Lance Reegan-Diehl Band, w/Kenji Onizuka J.Joon band Pentasonic Reasco Diamond Randy Reno OGRES Grand Soul Central Mineri Shenanigans New Drunks Aircraft of the Month Whatever That Means November The Rain Barbers of Seoul 꼬리물기 - Friday The Press Gang Wooden Lucy Sat. Magna Fall Visuals Feverish Fail Sparkle Panda Seoul City Suicides Mountains Tampas Dusk Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Rooftop Stray Acoustic Acts: John Valentine Peter James Kenji Onizuka Aaron McFaull Tim Gilmour Seth Mountain TC Costello Jordan Stewart Mike Casimir Lee Piscioneri YES YES The Pirate Queen Robert J Moore Imbalancing Act Octopoulpe Danny Valiant EARL Dave Beck Katy Grace and Ellie LeVeer Johnny Red Jonathan Hunt Mimi Roh Mia Zepeda Maggie Crossett Zachary Gubser Jennifer Waescher Brett Elliott Old Money Green Highway 9 Kenji Onizuka Yvon Malenfant A Couple Cents Flat Duncan Danger Reyneke Marie Conniffe Pounamu Professor Folk Music One Way Out Roots Digital Simon Upstone Glass Inspired Favored Animals 양반 C3 & Hans VENUES FOR HBC: Hair of the Dog Al Matto Terrace Camarata Studio Genie Pub Bedrock Phillies Pub Phillies Basement V-Lounge The Cave Bonnys Pizza Alley Bunker The Workshop Hidden Cellar Thunderhorse Tavern May 26th opening shoe at Thunder Horse tavern. BAD HORSIE. May 29th open stage at Hidden Cella "It's just a spring clean for the May Queen."

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