Hypnosis Show in HBC

Camarata Music Company Studio

Sat Jul 9th 2016 at 19:45 until 21:30
Seoul, Haebangchon, Seoul

Event Details

10,000W (w/ 1 FREE drink)*
Caramata Music Company Studio, Haebangchon
39-16 Yongsan-dong 2ga, Yongsan-gu
(Right across the street from Jacoby's Burger. Directions below.)

If you've never seen a stage hypnosis show live, prepare to have your mind blown. Expect to experience a mix of fascination and hilarity as the audience's subconscious minds are put on full display.

For videos of what to expect, check this event page, the Seoul Hypnosis Show page, or here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UthifZMnExY

This is a clean show. No nudity or humiliation (my apologies).

*One FREE drink: includes beer, wine and nonalcoholic options. All drink sales go towards Camarata. You're not just getting drunk; you're supporting your local community arts.

Doors open at 7:30. The show begins at 7:45 and runs a bit past 9pm. Seats fill up quickly, so come on time!

Questions? Feel free to message me (Gabriel, the hypnotist).

DIRECTIONS to Camarata Studio: Line 6 Noksapyeong Station, Exit 2. Walk straight to the traffic light, and veer left to Haebangcheon. Walk about 400 meters (about 5 minutes) to the “Camarata Music Company Studio". Look for the white sign on your left, sandwiched between Camping Company and a CU convenience store. Jacoby's Burger is directly across the street.

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