The Beer Week Seoul


Wed Apr 13th 2016 to Sun Apr 17th 2016
Seoul, Common Ground (Gundae Univ. Station)


The Beer Week Seoul Location : Common Ground (Gundae Univ. Station) Early Bird Tickets: 20,000 KRW (4 free drinks + 1 The Beer Week Seoul beer glass) On-site tickets: 4,000-6,000 KRW / 1 glass(8oz) So, why have we been purchasing beers from other breweries? Today, we announce our complete line up for The Beer Week Seoul. A total of 67 beers from 26 breweries. The lineup includes our very own but it also includes many of our competitors. Local craft beer market is fast-growing but most local breweries are still very small in scale. In large part, it's a resource issue. This means that even if we can make amazing beers, it's very, very difficult to find an appropriate marketing channel. We believe that Korea's craft beer scene has some of the best beers in the world. So, The Booth Brewing Co. has decided to open up a forum in which craft beer lovers in Korea can come together. This is first of many festivals we will be hosting and we cannot wait until the D-day to showcase our beers we have prepare for you. These include beers we had to fly in from another country that ended up costing a whopping USD 800 per keg! We will not be profiting off of them. We will be offering a balanced mix of truly world-renowned beers with innovative local craft beers. We hope that the festival will grow into THE festival for not just beer lovers in Korea but also an international fan base. The greatest enemy to craft breweries is bad beer. As a brewery ourselves, one of the biggest hurdles to turn someone to craft beers is the disappointment that comes with drinking bad beer. We have gone on a Thursday Expetition trips to local breweries to taste each beers and make sure we offer the best beers for the festival. We know that the Korean craft beer market has a long way to go. We invite you to our journey! See you at The Beer Week Seoul! ►Early Bird Tickets: KRW 20,000 (4 free drink coupons + The Beer Week Seoul glass) ►You can purchase Early Bird Tickets at: March 26 - April 12 Any The Booth locations Mikkeller Bar Seoul @ Garosugil Neighborhood @ Sinchon CraftOne @ Hongdae September Brewing @ Gangnam OnTap @ Hongdae PongDang Craft @ Sinsa/Garosugil Made in Pong Dang @ HBC/Gyeonglidan Four Seasons @ Itaewon Craft Bros @ Sorae Maeul Magpie @ Gyeonglidan @ Hongdae Any The Booth locations