A wide wrinkled forehead can be managed with ‘forehead lifting’ to remove wrinkles


The forehead is the largest part of the face area. Since it is a flat area with no facial features, acne or wrinkles stand out clearly, so you need to pay attention to forehead skin care. However, it is an unavoidable symptom that the forehead naturally droops due to aging, and horizontal wrinkles or wrinkles between the eyebrows are formed due to facial expressions.

Wrinkles on the forehead are a natural phenomenon. Aging can cause the skin to sag due to its loss of elasticity, and it is easy to have wrinkles on the forehead if you frequently frown or have expressive expressions. In addition, those who have a habit of lifting their eyes using the forehead muscles when opening their eyes, and those with ptosis deepen wrinkles, resulting in thick wrinkles.

As the forehead droops, it affects the eyebrows and eyelids, which eventually leads to drooping of the eyes, causing overall aging of the upper face, so these problems should be improved through forehead lifting surgery.
In the case of receiving a forehead lift in Korea, 3 to 5 incision points are set around the hairline, and a minimum incision is made at about 2 to 3 cm. 

After pulling the saggy skin upward, it is necessary to fix it accurately, and Endotine can be used at this time. It is a safe device approved by the US FDA. It pulls on the skin tissue with uniform pressure and fixes it in the correct position, so thick and deep wrinkles are naturally improved. It is safe because it is absorbed by the body over time.

The important thing in forehead lift surgery in Korea is to perform 1:1 customized lifting in consideration of the direction and depth of wrinkles, taking into account the depth of forehead wrinkles, the degree of sagging of eyebrows, and the presence or absence of asymmetry of eyebrows, which are different for each individual with minimal incision. If it is unconditionally pulled upwards, it may be overcorrected or unnatural, such as having a look of surprised eyes, so it is important to make a customized design for each individual.

In addition to the cosmetic aspect, if there are functional problems such as obstruction of vision due to drooping eyelids and eyelashes piercing the eyes, it can be improved together to make it easier to open the eyes. If necessary, a synergistic effect can be obtained by performing upper eyelid surgery at the same time in the case of middle-aged people.
In order to maintain the lifting effect for a long time, it is necessary to weaken the muscle that lowers the eyebrows, and to make the lifting effect stronger with the incision method suitable for each individual's sagging condition and the three-fold lifting that is customized for each individual.

In order to fundamentally improve sagging skin on the forehead, the forehead lift must be pulled from the surface to the fascial layer, and the design must be designed according to the different patterns of wrinkles on the forehead or skin condition for each patient. As the inner tissue of the forehead must be closely observed and pulled, the medical staff must have a high level of proficiency, so it is necessary to check whether they have rich clinical experience in surgery.

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