Body line management, sagging removal and skin elasticity should be taken care of together


It is often said that the best plastic surgery is a diet. This is because losing weight not only revives the features of the face that were hidden, but also reveals the hidden body line, greatly changing the overall image. In fact, celebrities with chubby body shapes appearing in front of the public with bodies that have slimmed down beyond recognition through a storm of weight loss have a considerable influence on people to the extent that they come to mind as diet-stimulating photos.

However, even if you work hard and succeed in losing weight, there are many cases where you are frustrated because the body you want is not as good as you think, such as excess fat in certain areas such as the upper arms, inner thighs, calves, and buttocks. Moreover, sudden weight loss drastically reduces the elasticity of the skin and causes the skin to sag. Every time you move, the attached flesh here and there on the body may lead to increased self-consciousness and concern.

In order to complete the ideal body line, it is necessary to not only reduce the size, but also remove the flab and increase the elasticity of the body.

Body-lifting procedures for body shape management include Accent Prime Ultra Tune Body, which reduces size and helps improve cellulite, and Linearage, which improves body elasticity, improves lines, and provides lifting effects at the same time.

Tune Body is a procedure that uses 3D stereoscopic ultrasound to selectively destroy fat cells without damaging other cells and reduce their size. It stimulates collagen on the skin surface to increase elasticity and selectively reduce the size of the desired area. It is characterized by being able to manage the fat layer in more detail by reaching the inside of the skin instead of just licking the surface.
At the same time, it can manage bumpy cellulite and swelling, helping to complete a smooth and slim body line. The treatment can be applied to various areas such as the abdomen, thighs, forearms, and calves, and it does not affect the surrounding cells other than the sagging area to be treated.

Linearage delicately delivers energy to each layer of skin, enabling body contouring that lifts sunken areas and reduces excessive volume. In addition, it is a procedure that helps to create a solid body line by penetrating deeply from the dermis to the SMAS layer by utilizing the HIFU energy of the line type. The ultrasonic energy delivered deep into the skin forms collagen and increases the elasticity of the rugged and sagging skin, so you can expect the effect of improving the smooth body line.

Unlike the existing dot-type lifting procedure, where energy is sparsely applied, it is a line-type method and is suitable for use in wide areas such as the thighs or abdomen. In addition, since the time for which energy is irradiated is short, the procedure time is brief and there is little pain, so those who feel burdened by the procedure can receive it.

Both Tune Body and Linear Perm are procedures that help with size reduction, fat removal, and elasticity enhancement. You can see a greater effect through a customized procedure that accurately plans the distribution. 

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