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Laminate is a procedure used for aesthetic purposes during dental procedures. It is a process involving dental prosthetics in which ceramic pores are created by minimizing only the pure surface of 'enamel', the enamel of the outermost part of the tooth, and then bonded with a hybrid composite resin adhesive. 

Demand for laminates that express the beauty of teeth in a short period of time is increasing. As the number of treatment cases increases, the number of side effects is also steadily on the rise. If you are considering laminate because long-term orthodontic treatment is burdensome, there are a few things to check before laminate treatment.

The advantage of laminate is that, unlike conventional prosthetics, there is little damage to teeth, which is because it was approached with the intention of preserving sound teeth as much as possible. Laminate may cause congestion and pressure on the gums during the process of casting, but this is gradually alleviated after about a week.

The problem is the after-effects after the laminate procedure. Notable side effects include loss of the porcelain veneer due to poor contact, partial or total fracture of the porcelain veneer, discoloration of the gap between the veneer and the tooth, and hypersensitivity due to excessive tooth preparation.

Each individual's teeth are different, so it is necessary to consult with a dental specialist before applying laminate.
Before the laminate procedure, you should first check the condition of your teeth and receive sufficient consultation with dental staff with extensive clinical experience regarding laminate. 

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