How can I skip quarantine in South Korea? What is Q-code?


Who Can Skip Quarantine?

International travelers who have been fully vaccinated and registered their vaccination status can now enter the country without a quarantine period of seven days.

A negative coronavirus test is still required for entry.

Airport workers recently tore down quarantine facilities for international travelers, including a designated bus station, as passengers from overseas are now allowed to take regular public transportation.

The commissioner of Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency recently mentioned that they will closely monitor the situations of each country for any new threating variant and they will designate and manage the range of country-based quarantine exemption in a flexible manner.

This means quarantine mandate can be brought back depending on the circumstances.

With the start of the quarantine waiver coming into Korea for Koreans, a surge in demand has been reported by Korean airlines and travel agencies. However, experts said international travel is not expected to immediately bounce back, given remaining Corona virus risks and a recent surge in jet fuel prices.

As for foreigners entering Korea, I suggest you review the link for detailed information.

3 Things You Need To Check 
for quarantine exemption in South Korea

  • Download and fill out the form (210824 (Fully-Vaccinated) Quarantine Exemption Application.pdf) as this will give you an exemption as long as you are fully-vaccinated.
  • Download and fill out the Health Condition Report Form and submit it reporting your current condition. This form can also be found on the web link I have provided above. 
  • Make sure you have a valid visa.

However, there’s an exemption of quarantine if you have to attend a funeral of your immediate family member in which case you’ll have to fill out a few forms. You can submit the forms online at 

Consular Services 24. I also have listed the documents you need.
Documents required: 
1. Passport 
2. NRIC/Long Term Pass in Singapore
3. (Non-vaccinated) Quarantine Exemption Application Form
4. Death certificate of deceased
5. Family relations certificate 
6. Confirmed flight itinerary

So basically, you can skip quarantine in Korea if you are fully vaccinated, have a K-ETA or valid Visa (For K-ETA, you can check out my previous blog I uploaded, have Q-Code prior to arrival to check if you are required to have a visa to enter Korea as it varies from country to country.

What is Q-Code?

Q-code is a system established by the KDCA in order to shorten the time for quarantine inspection and provide the conveniences overseas entrants require upon entry to the Republic of Korea. You can get your Q-Code from this link. 

On the top right corner, you’ll see ENG which will take you to the website in English.

The list of things you need in order to get the Q-Code are below:
1. (Mandatory) Valid passport
2. (Mandatory) Valid E-mail address
3. (Mandatory) Valid airline ticket
4. (Mandatory) Valid 'Confirmation of COVID-19 PCR Negative Test Result'
5. (Selective) Valid 'Certificate of COVID-19 Vaccination'
6. (Selective) Valid 'Quarantine Exemption'
7. (Mandatory) Health Condition Information