Parietal hair transplant with a wide range of hair loss...Scalp tattooing also helps


Recently, more and more men are trying various changes from perm to dyeing. This is because hairstyles play a large role in changing your appearance. In particular, many people try to change their image by boldly raising their bangs to look sophisticated and professional.

In fact, the forehead is a part that can greatly change the impression with just the shape of the bangs. But it's not possible for everyone. This is because it is a limited style when the scalp is not healthy due to hair loss or both sides of the hairline are indented due to M-shaped hair loss.

Of course, M-shaped hair loss is not the only concern. Even if there is no thinning hair on the top of the head due to hair loss, the hairstyle looks saggy and clingy, which is inevitably a concern.

As such, hair loss is one of the major factors that create constraints to hair styling. In particular, hair loss symptoms, which were recently considered exclusive to middle-aged men, are emerging as a concern of modern people as the number of hair loss patients increases among young people as well as women due to various factors such as improper lifestyle habits, genetics, and stress.

Therefore, it is good to pay attention to scalp care on a regular basis. However, if the symptoms are already severe, you need to consider drug treatment or consider a hair transplant if the hair follicles are completely damaged. For hair transplantation, there is a non-incisional method in which hair follicles are harvested and transplanted one by one using a punch device, and an incisional method in which healthy hair follicles are selected and transplanted after making an incision on the scalp as much as necessary.

However, when choosing a transplant surgery method, you must carefully consider the condition of your scalp and the type of hair loss. In addition, if the hair loss area is wide, such as the crown hair loss area, and a lot of hair must be collected from the back of the head, there may be a case where the hair in the back of the head is insufficient. At this time, it is also a good idea to consider hair transplantation and scalp tattooing together so that the density can be seen more densely.

However, it is desirable to receive scalp tattoos with skilled medical staff because it is important to design a customized design that fits the characteristics of each individual. In addition, as side effects such as inflammation and swelling may occur, it is also necessary to check whether the follow-up management system is wwell-equipped

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