Side effects of nose surgery in Korea, ‘constructed nose’


Among the kinds of plastic surgery in Korea, nose surgery is relatively difficult.

This is because the soft tissue inside the nose is delicate and easily damaged, and since implants are inserted during surgery, it can be recognized as a foreign substance and cause side effects such as inflammation, so extra caution is needed. Using a medical tourism concierge in Korea, like Shin Medical, can help you with this process.

There are many people who choose revision rhinoplasty for various reasons, but if it involves a problem with the function or shape of the nose that is not due to a simple subjective decrease in satisfaction, it is necessary to improve quickly.

Rhinoplasty side effect in Korea, ‘constructed nose’

Among them, ‘constructed nose’ is a common side effect of rhinoplasty, and it is characterized by the redness and hardness of the tip of the nose due to the inflammatory reaction, and the appearance of being lifted or shrunken.

If left unattended, the nose will gradually become shorter and deformed, so reoperation is inevitable.

The reason for the contracted nose is that our body recognizes the implant inserted during rhinoplasty as a foreign substance, forming a thin film and triggering an immune response. Inflammation occurs and the film surrounding the implant hardens, causing the nose to shrink.

Reconstructed nose surgery in Korea

Therefore, for revision nose surgery, the first priority is to remove the implant that causes the contracture reaction.

After opening the nose, it is peeled off to remove the previously used material, as well as the scar tissue or inflammatory tissue that was formed due to the surgery.

After that, you can correct the shape of the nose by lengthening it using various materials for effective facial contouring.

It is better to reconstruct the nasal septum with autologous cartilage such as nasal septal cartilage and costal cartilage collected from the patient's body, and design by extending the length by lowering the tip of the nose.

After that, contractures in the soft tissue can be released and the tissue can be reconstructed using the autologous dermis and fascia.

The bridge of the nose is firmly supported using new implants or autologous tissue.

Constructed nose revision surgery in Korea

The important thing in reoperation for a constructed nose is to analyze the cause of the failure of the first operation and identify the problems so that the reoperation is not repeated again.

To this end, it is necessary to see if a specialist with rich clinical experience and skill level directly identifies the patient's problems and conducts surgery.

Since the difficulty of the second surgery is higher than the first surgery, it is necessary to consult with a specialist about the material to use and the shape of the surgery so as not to burden the nose. It is necessary to identify problems with professional medical staff with clinical experience in various cases of revision rhinoplasty, and proceed with consultation and surgery to ensure safe recovery. 

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