For upper and lower eyelid surgery in Korea, sufficient counseling and accurate diagnosis are needed


Plastic surgery in Korea can improve complexes about appearance, as well as aging symptoms and functional problems.

Therefore, if you are planning a surgery, you should perform the surgery considering the overall harmony of the face and facial contouring rather than focusing on just one area in order to achieve natural improvement.

If you want to plan various plastic surgeries such as upper blepharoplasty, lower blepharoplasty, double eyelid surgery, and rhinoplasty, you need an accurate diagnosis by a specialist rather than simply cosmetic improvement. Medical tourism experts, Shin Medical, is ready to help you with this.

Upper Eyelid Surgery in Korea

Drooping eyelids due to aging only allow about 60% to 70% of the eyes to be visible, blocking the field of vision, and eyelashes can poke the eyes, causing vision loss. They can also look drowsy, tired, and presbyopic.

When the skin of the upper eyelid sags and droops downward, it is called blepharospasm, and upper eyelid surgery helps to improve this area.

Excessive sagging skin is excised, and the recurrence of sagging can be prevented if eyebrow fixation is performed in parallel. Middle-aged and elderly people can return to their baby face, so it is also called ‘youth beauty surgery’, and it can also be applied to those with naturally drooping eyes.

Lower Eyelid Surgery in Korea

The lower part of the eyes is prone to wrinkles, and with aging, the fat becomes uneven and bumpy, resulting in a sagging appearance.

Lower blepharoplasty is a surgery that improves wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes by tightening the sagging skin, muscle, and fat layer.

However, care should be taken as side effects of lower eyelid surgery may include ectropion, in which the lower eyelid is turned inside out.

In order to prevent these problems, lateral canthal fixation should be performed in parallel to lower the possibility of ectropion, and sagging skin, protruding fat, and wrinkles should be smoothed together. Strong pulling and fixation can make the skin under the eyes awkward and uncomfortable to move, so surgery should be performed considering the degree of sagging that varies from person to person.

Double Eyelid Surgery in Korea

Among plastic surgeries, double eyelid surgery is the most performed in Korea.

The size of the eyes or the shape of the eyes can be changed with just one line, but the burial method can be applied for a natural look.

This is a method that makes a small hole in the eyelid without making an incision and fixes it firmly, leaving no scar and quick recovery. In some cases, the horizontal length of the eyes can be expanded by concurrently performing epicanthoplasty.

As the frequency of surgery is high, many people choose revision double eyelid surgery.

If unwanted results or unsatisfactory appearances appear, or if the lines are too wide or thick, or if there are problems such as sausage eyes, asymmetric eyes, or scarred eyes, revision surgery can be performed.

It is good to accurately analyze the cause of the previous surgery's failure and, based on this, proceed with the revision of the eye considering the characteristics of each individual's eyes and harmony with the facial features.

Revision Rhinoplasty in Korea

Since the nose is located in the middle of the face, it is the same as the center point of the face, and it also affects the formation of a three-dimensional effect.

As the overall appearance or impression can change depending on the height or length of the nose, it is necessary to perform surgery in consideration of harmony.

In order to be reborn as natural without any foreign body sensation, surgery must be performed through the use and design of customized implants for each type of low nose, short nose, curved nose, hooked nose, and arrow nose.

If the shape of the nose is blunt but the nostrils are large, the width of the nose can be reduced and the shape can be improved while undergoing alar reduction.

In addition to this, if there is an inflammatory reaction and contracture due to the implant, or if there is dissatisfaction with the shape, revision nose surgery is required. If functional problems such as runny nose and nasal congestion are also accompanied, a surgical plan must be established to achieve both cosmetic and functional improvements.

Face Lift Surgery in Korea

In cases where sagging skin is severe due to aging, or sagging cheeks and chin occur after facial contouring or two-jaw surgery, a facial lift known as baby face surgery can be pulled and fixed.

If only the surface or outer part of the skin is pulled, recurrence is likely to occur again. Therefore, it is necessary to pull the dermis layer and fascia layer together while performing the dilated superficial musculoaponeurotic layer to improve wrinkles and elasticity without recurrence.

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