Top 5 Skin Care Clinics and Dermatologists In Seoul, South Korea


Guide to the best dermatologist in Seoul, Korea

South Koreans are famous for having clear skin—any quick Google search will give you numerous reasons for this, ranging from genetics, to religiously following at-home skincare routines, to socio-cultural preferences.

But South Korea, a beacon of healthcare innovation, plastic surgery and skincare treatments, is also home to many exceptional dermatologists and skin care clinics offering services beyond retail solutions. Searching for options could be quite a non-trivial task given the sheer abundance of choices. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have and let our local experts at My Guide Seoul help you find the best skin care clinic or dermatologist in Seoul, South Korea!

These institutions seek to bolster South Korea’s already stellar reputation for skin care. In this article, we've compiled a list of the top 5 dermatologists and skin care clinics in Seoul, South Korea—including their areas of specialization—as recommended by our local experts!
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Best Dermatologists in Seoul, South Korea

Below you'll find an overview of the best skin care clinics and dermatologists in Seoul, South Korea. Each Korean beauty clinic offers a wide range different skin care procedures from threading and lifting to acne or pore treatment. 

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1. PangPang Clinic 

If you're looking for top-notch skincare in Seoul, 'PangPang Clinic' is where it's at. This Korean clinic in Gangnam is like a superhero for your skin, specializing in threading and lifting to give you that fresh and youthful look. 

At PangPang, they're pros at "thread lifting." Which is like a mini facelift but without the surgery. They use special biodegradable threads under your skin to tighten things up and make your skin produce more collagen, which is like your skin's natural fountain of youth. PangPang Clinic is widely regarded as the leading clinic at the forefront of thread lift technology. 

  • Specializing in: thread lifting (invasive and non-invasive) 
  • Perfect for: enhancing smoothness of facial contours, collagen restoration, tackling sagging. Those who don’t want to undergo a full face lift, who expect a immediate improvement. 
  • Also offer: PIM Injection (A procedure combines Ultra cell + Thread lift + Botox), Minute Lifting 
  • Perfect for: those who want quick results without the hassle of invasive procedures, long recovery times, and side effects like bruising. Procedures can be done in 30 minutes. Lifting effect will be immediate as opposed to laser liftings where you will only see the result at least after 4-6 weeks.

PangPang has been doing thread lifts for over 10 years, and they're not stopping. They've read all the big medical books, looked at research papers, and found new ways to make your skin look amazing. They noticed others were a bit stuck, so they came up with their own way – something special you won't find anywhere else. This transformative thinking marked the inception of Pang Pang’s distinct thread lifting methodology.

Find more info about PangPang Clinic on their official website and reach out to them with any questions you might have. 

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2. Seojin Clinic

Seojin Plastic Surgery Clinic is a cutting-edge facility nestled in the bustling capital of Seoul, Korea, particularly in the renowned medical hub of Gangnam District. Seojin Plastic Surgery is led by one committed plastic surgeon, Dr. Lee Hyungmin. Dr. Lee personally manages every step of your medical journey—consultation, diagnosis, the surgery itself, and follow-up care. With his extensive experience, you’re in very safe hands. 

Dr.Lee used to be the director doctor in G&G Plastic Surgery and Mojerim hair clinic. With decades of experience in plastic surgery field, he understands both aesthetic requirements and medical and clinical knowledge that supports the patients' needs. Seojin is famous for offering customized lifting plan based on the individual situation, they offer thread lifting, laser lifting, fillers and botox, skin booster, microblading, PRP face fat grafting options for customers who seek for dermatology treatments. Seojin is particularly famous for using various different combination of all kinds of threads that are used in the market, including PDO thread, PLLA thread, and PCL thread.

Find more info about Seojin Clinic on their official website reach out to them with any questions you might have. 

Seojin Thread Lifting Package: 

Seojin offers an exclusive package that includes the following top-tier aesthetic enhancements, ensuring a comprehensive transformation that leaves you looking and feeling your absolute best.
  • Full Face Thread Lift: Custom Design: Experience a bespoke approach to lifting and firming your face with our custom-designed full face thread lift. Our expert practitioners employ the latest techniques and materials to subtly elevate sagging skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, delivering natural-looking results tailored specifically to your facial structure and aesthetic goals. This minimally invasive procedure revitalizes your facial contours, providing a more youthful and refreshed look without the need for surgery.
  • Full Face Skin Botox Xeomin: Take your skin's smoothness and radiance to the next level with our Full Face Skin Botox Xeomin treatment. This innovative procedure goes beyond traditional botox treatments by targeting the skin's surface layers, promoting a smoother texture and a radiant glow. Xeomin, known for its purity, works subtly to relax facial muscles, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The result? A softer, more youthful complexion that looks naturally refreshed. 
  • Full Face Lifting Laser Shurink/Ultherapy: Dive into the future of non-surgical skin lifting with our cutting-edge Full Face Lifting Laser treatments - Shurink and Ultherapy. These powerful options utilize advanced ultrasound and laser technology to penetrate deep beneath the skin's surface, stimulating the body’s natural collagen production. Whether you choose Shurink for its precise targeting of the skin's layers or Ultherapy for its ultrasound-based collagen renewal, both treatments promise to tighten and lift, reducing the signs of aging and improving skin elasticity. With 500 shots of rejuvenating energy, your face will reveal a firmer, lifted, and more contoured appearance.

Different Thread Types Seojin is Offering 

Seojin emphasizes effective lifting requires a solid understanding of anatomy. The face, a complex network of tissues and structures confined within a small area, undergoes both visible and invisible changes as it ages. To achieve a truly remarkable lifting effect, it’s essential to comprehend and address each aspect of these changes. Naturally, this makes the in-depth anatomical knowledge and the extensive surgical and clinical experience of a board-certified plastic surgeon crucial for accurate diagnosis, surgical precision, and postoperative care.

Seojin takes pride in translating the expertise that cannot be fully articulated through words into satisfying and tangible outcomes for our patients. 
  • Specializing in: non-invasive lifting, fillers and botox, microblading
  • Perfect for: people who is looking for non-invasive anti-aging treatments, people who is looking for an experienced surgeon who can deliver optimal lifting results
  • Also offer: skin boosters, Rejuran, Ultherapy, Shurink, PRP fat grafting, liposuction, hair removal
  • Perfect for: those who want immediate improvement without downtime, who doesn't want to undergo invasive surgery process. Procedures can be done in 30 minutes. Thread lift effect will be immediate as opposed to laser liftings where you will only see the result at least after 4-6 weeks. 

3. Made-Young Clinic 

Step into the world of Made-Young Clinic right in the middle of Seoul! A skincare clinic (Thread lifting, Skin Boosters & Skin Lasers) where they help you look and feel younger. The clinic is all about making you glow and feel your best, using the latest treatments and personal care. With their friendly experts and newest technologies, Made-Young Clinic offers services like facial contouring and anti-ageing procedures that bring out the best in you.

Find more info about Made Young Plastic Surgery Clinic on their official website reach out to them with any questions you might have.

4. Oracle Cheongdam 

Welcome to Oracle Cheongdam (Fillers, Skin Boosters & Thread Lifting), your friendly haven for skin pampering and care! If your skin is craving some attention, Oracle Cheongdam is here with its specialized treatments designed to bring out the best in your skin. More than just superficial improvements, these treatments work wonders for your overall skin health.

What sets Oracle Cheongdam apart is the expertise of their doctors, who guide you through the process of choosing treatments tailored to your skin's unique needs. Whether you're dealing with blemishes, dullness, or just want to maintain that radiant glow, Oracle Cheongdam has you covered.
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  • Specializing in: aesthetic, clinical and cosmetic dermatology (eliminating spots and wrinkles, combating cellulite). 
  • Perfect for: those looking to improve overall skin clarity and combat effects of weight gain.
  • Also offer: hyaluronic acid treatments (to reduce wrinkles and sagging; botulinum toxin (commonly known as Botox) for the elimination of expression lines.
  • Perfect for: achieving your ant-aging goals.
Additionally, Oracle Cheongdam offers nutritional treatments to support you in reaching and sustaining your weight goals, prioritizing your well-being every step of the way.

5. Banobagi Skin Clinic 

When you reveal your skin problem to Banobagi Skin Clinic (Laser Lifting), they will always be realistic regarding potential results. 

With the treatments, they help you to enhance your natural beauty, because naturalness for them is very important. Together, they co-own Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic, one of Seoul's largest and most renowned dermatological clinics, capable of handling even the most intricate and complex cases with utmost proficiency.

Banobagi Skin Clinic has highly qualified professionals of recognized prestige in the fields of cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, aesthetic medicine and anti-aging medicine that work together to improve aesthetics, health, and welfare of their patients.
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  • Specialize in: personalized dermo-cosmetic studies of facial skin; lifting laser therapy (ultherapy/thermage). 
  • Perfect for: those who want lifting effects without incisions. Improves skin elasticity through non-surgical treatments. 
  • Also offer: SVF injection/IV therapy 
  • Perfect for: dry skin relief, boosting immunity and vitality, reducing appearance of scars.

The experience of each of the professionals and the quality of the products are a guarantee of safety. For them, the treatment, attention, and follow-up are an indispensable part of the service.

The multidisciplinary team offers comprehensive treatment to meet your expectations. They put at your disposal the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment to be at the forefront of the treatments.

6. Modelo Skin Clinic 

Modelo Skin Clinic (Botox, Fillers, Lifting & Skin Injections) is one of the best skin care clinics in South Korea for obvious reasons—they have the most professional dermatologists, beauticians, and nursing staff working together.

Modelo boasts a qualified team trained and committed to the quality and safety of the services provided. Patients are attended to by specialized professionals in Modelo's modern and luxurious facilities. 
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  • Specialize in: clinical, surgical and laser treatment of diseases affecting skin. 
  • Perfect for: combating sagging, lumping, and improving elasticity. 
  • Also offer: Filler/Botox 
  • Perfect for: combating wrinkles and expression lines.

At Modelo Skin Clinic, with 18 years of experience, they are known as the filler and botox experts of Seoul—Representative Director Seo Gu-il quite literally wrote the book about Botox for Asians.

At Modelo they incorporate state-of-the-art technology for body and facial treatments combining quality, safety and professional ethics. Given the clinic's immense popularity, it's advisable to contact them at least one month in advance to secure the appointment, as their schedule tends to be fully booked 1-2 months ahead. 

While urgent appointments may not be accommodated, if you're in the planning stage and have the flexibility to arrange ahead of time, Modelo continues to be an ideal option to cater to your needs.

8. VIEW Dermatology Clinic 

VIEW Dermatology Clinic (Skin Boosters & Skin Lasers) has a goal to improve your life by providing treatments to let you feel more confident in your body. You will feel like you are the most important person while you receive services at VIEW Dermatology Clinic . 

VIEW Dermatology Clinic believes that a medical intervention is not trivial, and that you must have the best qualified and accredited medical staff to achieve the best results. 

Their team is led by qualified dermatologists with extensive experience and are members of the most important national and international medical associations.
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  • Specialize in: incisional and non-incisional lifting; fat graft
  • Perfect for: anti-aging with quick results and minimal recovery.
  • Also offer: Dermatology treatments including  (but not limited to) ultherapy, anti-aging solutions, acne/pore scar treatment. 
  • Perfect for: those wishing to reduce the impact of everyday life/aging on the facial skin.

At VIEW, each patient will be treated importantly—patients having the best communication with their doctors is something they are proud of. Trust us when we say this team is experienced, especially for treating foreign patients. 
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Don’t miss out!

Due to their high demand and popularity, securing an appointment at these clinics, especially as a foreigner, can often be a challenging task. Appointments typically fill up for the next 3-4 weeks in advance. 

But don't let this deter you! Utilizing local concierge services can be a game-changer as they're adept at navigating this process. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the most popular skincare treatment in Korea?

In Korea, one of the most sought-after skincare treatments is facial threading, a non-invasive procedure that has gained immense popularity for its ability to enhance facial contours and stimulate collagen production, providing individuals with a rejuvenated appearance.

Are skin treatments cheaper in Korea?

Yes, generally, skin treatments in Korea tend to be more cost-effective compared to many Western countries due to factors such as lower overhead costs, competition among dermatological clinics, and the cultural emphasis on skincare, making it a more affordable option for individuals seeking various skincare procedures.