Ultherapy lifting in Korea should involve a plan tailored to the skin condition


As the year comes to an end, you naturally feel that you are getting older. And although the effects of aging are natural, if you are stressed by seeing the change every year, you should thoroughly manage it before it is too late.

Basic home care can help prevent aging, but it is difficult to restore the already weakened tissue state to the previous state. In addition, it is difficult to take care of yourself at home during busy daily life, so it is desirable to efficiently improve aging through dermatological procedures.

Currently, there are a wide variety of treatment methods available in dermatology, but Ultherapy is usually selected for cases with deep wrinkles or severe skin sagging. Ultherapy is a lifting procedure that delivers high-intensity ultrasound energy directly to skin tissue.

Usually, Ultherapy is used to manage the entire face, such as around the eyes, nasolabial folds, cheeks, and chin. Powerful high-intensity ultrasound energy is delivered according to the aging state, and it can reach the appropriate places such as the dermis layer, subcutaneous fat, and SMAS layer (fascia layer), enabling customized care for each part.

In particular, you can expect a strong lifting effect because it can transmit ultrasonic energy to the deepest part of the face. After considering all the factors like age, gender, degree of aging, tissue condition, etc. for each individual, individual customized unlimited shots must be set to enable detailed procedures and obtain highly satisfactory results.

Ultherapy is a field where the experience of the operator is very important, and good results can be obtained only when a plan tailored to each individual is established. In addition, an anesthesiologist is always present to provide painless anesthesia care, and it is possible to perform the procedure in a place where there is no burden with a private procedure through a reservation system.

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