Lotus Lantern Festival


Sat May 7th 2016 to Sun May 8th 2016
Seoul, Jongno street and in front of Jogye-sa temple downtown Seoul, Jongno

Event Details

It is my priviliege to introduce Lotus Lantern Festival celebrating Buddha's birthday in South Korea. The traditional lantern parade and events are to be held on the weekend right before Buddha's birthday(8th April by lunar calendar)which falls on 6~8th May 2016. The main events of the festival are the lantern parade(7:00pm~ on 7th May(Sat)) and the traditional street events in the afternoon of 8th May(Sun). More than 300 thousand people are crowded in that festival downtown Seoul the capital of Korea. Especially so many foreigners enjoying Korean tradition and culture are found at the festival. For more information you can click www.LLF.or.kr/eng and please feel free to ask any information on our festival by phone or e-mail. Yours in the Dharma

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