Vurtnight with Cio D`Or (Germany / Prologue, Semantica)

Hongdae Nightlife

Fri Jul 15th 2016 to Sat Jul 16th 2016 at 22:00 until 06:00
Seoul, 마포구 합? ?동 414-20, Seoul


Vurtnight with

Cio D'Or (Germany / Prologue Music, Semantica Records)

Cio D’Or (Germany / Prologue, Sementica)

Since the age of 17 when Cio started playing in a 7 piece Jazz band, music has driven her forward. In the 90s she played at parties that began the German techno revolution where she honed her sound. Residencies at Munich's legendary techno club Ultraschall and her own night Nachtwind followed and Cio D’Or travelled the world playing shows and searching hard for unusual samples from which to build her tough yet fragile productions and embark on her auto-didactic study of sound creation and techniques. Since 2004 she released 2 album´s, 10 EPs, 3EPs coproduced with Donato Dozzy, Gabriel Ananda or Paul Brtschitsch and 4 remixes for labels like Prologue, Semantica, Telrae, Hypnus or Time to Express. After releasing her first album on Prologue in 2009, and touring extensively, Cio elected to broaden her horizons and work on experimental projects combining classical instrumentation and theatre with music and contemporary dance, one of her first passions. 2012 she composed her debut "Distanz" for a music theatre with orchestral instruments. The combination of electronic elements and instruments enrich her world of musical ideas. PULSA:RE, a combination of a DJ Set and new music with an ensemble, developed in cooperation with the composer Brigitta Muntendorf. With an second album 'all in all' released in 2015 on Semantica, Cio D'Or is firmly placing herself as a voice to be heard.
Her music arise from an idea, which she develops and threads through her own sounds: Emotional, extravagant, charismatic, cinematic, sometimes poetic. Her music strives towards "infinity" between origin and development. Here, timeless possibilities sounding out from the zeitgeist.
Cio’s DJ sets explore specific ideas and build in unexpected ways – utilizing dramaturgy and drawing on new producers and fitting pearls, sometimes from the past. Her dj sets and mixes filtering to track down deep and authentic musical developments amongst the mass of music and records without forgetting the gems of the past. With the participation of musical sources, Cio D´Or mirrors the new in the old andvice versa, immersed in the deep grammar of music - leaving this again and allow the sound to live, to resonate now and on through times. She is a dramatic advisor in her style techno and electronica. She established herself consistently on national and international floor´s with her emotive, almost magical sets. She doesn´t play music, she lives it

Event : vurtnight - Cio D'or
Date : Fri 15 July
Entrance Fee : 20,000 KRW (+1 Free Drink)
Address : 11 Dongmak-ro Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea