Comparable to Soho, NYC. Numerous art galleries, unique shops, cafes and architecture. Landmark: Seolseo Tea House.

This is far from your typical city street with stores selling mass-produced wares. Shops along Samcheongdong boast distinctive items by local artists and designers.

Here, each gallery has its own unique architectural design, boutique fronts look stylish and cute and many of them sell trendy accessories and fashionable clothes. Samcheong Park is at the end of the walkway - famous for its scenic views. Enjoy art, architecture, shopping, dining and coffee all in this charming neighborhood.

Samcheong means 'three good' referring to the three things this area has plenty of: majestic neighboring mountains, clean water and kind residents. The aristocratic classes during the Joseon Dynasty used to live in Samcheongdong. These beautiful antique houses maintained remarkably well can be found in the Bukchon Village and they are also one of the reasons that makes Samcheongdong one of the most extraordinary places in Seoul.