Best Italian Restaurants in Seoul

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Seoul team

Looking for the best Italian restaurants in Seoul? Seoul has more restaurants that you could ever want, but good Italian is hard to find. We will keep adding the best Italian restaurants to our listing.

Italian is definetely a favorite food in Seoul. Some say that there are more than 4,000 Italian inspired restaurants in Seoul. How could you ever find the right one for you with all those choices? Some of the best Italian restaurants are of of course owned and managed by Italians or the chefs have worked in Italy or for reputable Italian restaurants around the world. In Seoul you will typically find two kinds of Italian restaurants. Both are great if done right of course. The first one is the Korean inpired Italian restaurant type. The food here will typically be spicier and there will be pickles served at the table. These type of places are favorite restaurants for couples in particular. The second type of Italian restaurants are the authentic Italian restaurant type. The food here will be true to the philosophy of a particular region where perhaps the chef is from and they will cook with authenticity in mind. These places are not so easy to find, but you can try here on our listing page!