Go Eun-ah, who are you now? She lost 12kg + became a different person after hair transplant


Actress Go Eun-ah has always drawn attention with her beautiful looks. But on December 18, Go Eun-ah posted a picture of her current situation through social media.

In the photo, Eunah Go is seen wearing a brown-toned outfit, wavy hair of the same tone, and luxurious and elegant makeup.
Go Eun-ah's beauty, which has become even more beautiful in the winter, is dazzlingly beautiful.

Recently, Go Eun-ah succeeded in losing 12 kg and regained her beauty while undergoing a hair transplant in Korea, drawing attention.

Meanwhile, Go Eun-ah is active in various fields such as dramas and entertainment. She appeared in 'Talk So Da', 'Legendary Music Classroom-Lala Land', 'Style Me', 'I Want to Live Roughly', etc., and has made a regular appearance on KBS 2TV's 'Excluding and Fa', which recently concluded.

She appeared on tvN STORY, ENA's 'Queen of Ssireum', which ended last September, and is communicating with fans through her younger sister Mir and YouTube channel 'Bangane'