Revision Rhinoplasty In Seoul


What is revision rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasty is the second (or more than second) rhinoplasty (as commonly known as nose job) to correct or revise a previous surgery that didn't satisfy to the patient. Rhinoplasty surgery in general is the most challenging facial plastic surgery performed, and sometimes revisions are required for various reasons. So it’s important that you carefully select the right skillful surgeon.

What you can expect from the Revision Rhinoplasty

The most important thing is that patients should make decisions after considering the benefits and risks of the surgery. Though the revision rhinoplasty will not guarantee to fix all issues, the general goals and benefits are:
A. Corrected nasal deformities: Revision rhinoplasty can correct deformities caused by lacking structure or medical complications.
B. Improve nasal function: Maximizing nasal function with a pretty nose is the most critical benefit of revision rhinoplasty. 
C. Better appearance: In many cases, revision rhinoplasty makes you get closer to your cosmetic goal and move on from unsatisfied results from previous surgery.


The PLUS plastic surgery clinic

Surgeons are usually not inclined to do revision surgery, since it's hard to know about the details from the last surgeries, also possible that they might have to take the risk of fixing inappropriate procedures from other surgeons.This surgery clinic focuses on rhinoplasty and offers the world class surgeons that producedmultiple journals and books on this field. Their motto is that they focus on the patient’s point of view. They offer friendly staff and most importantly, you can have a detail consultation about revision rhinoplasty as you want to get it right the second time. They’ll listen to your problems and give you the best option as they have many years of experience.

Who’s the right surgeon for revision rhinoplasty? 

Dr. Jae Yong Jeong
Dr. Jeong is nationally recognized for his expertise in rhinoplasty surgery. He has written extensively on the subject of rhinoplasty and wrote a book called Rhinoplasty rebuilding nose. The book contains 566 pages and includes topics such as general considerations for Asian rhinoplasty, Anesthesia for rhinoplasty, dorsal augmentation, hump correction and many more. It’s definitely worth to read prior to getting rhinoplasty to gain backgroundknowledge. It would be much easier to consult with the doctor on their eye level since revision rhinoplasty is a complicated surgery. Since Dr. Jeong knows everything about revision rhinoplasty, you would you be able to know exactly what the outcome will look like. He has had many experiences with different cases for many years, so he is a person who you can rely on especially for revision rhinoplasty. Here are the credentials.

Jae Yong Jeong, MD.PhD
Board certified plastic surgeon
The President of Korean society of rhinoplastic surgeon
Doctor of THE PLUS plastic surgery
The member of Korean society of plastic and reconstructive surgery
The member of Korean society of aesthetic plastic surgery
The member of American society of plastic and reconstructive surgery
The member of Japanese society of plastic and reconstructive surgery
Past, Doctor of PLUS plastic surgery
Past, The directing doctor for rhinoplasty at Seoul Leaguer in Shanghai, China