Medical Services

In Seoul, there are many excellent hospitals equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. In the event of emergency situations, you can receive quick, high-quality medical treatment. If you are sick, explain your symptoms to the hotel’s front desk. Some hospitals offer interpretation services for foreigners’ convenience. You can buy most medicine over-the-counter. It is inexpensive and most pharmacists speak English.

International Health Care Centers in Seoul

Large Korean hospitals operate an international health care center (international medical clinic) for foreigners. The bilingual medical staff and volunteers will help you receive excellent medical care in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

Samsung Medical Center +82-2-3410-0200
Asan Medical Center +82-2-2224-3114
Ganbuk Samsung Medical Center +82-2-723-2911
Hannam-dong International Medical Center +82-2-790-0857
Seoul Medical Center for Foreigner +82-2-2796-1871
Cha Health Systems +82-2-2558-1112
Sinchon Severance Hospital +82-2-361-6540
Cheil General Hospital +82-2-2262-7071
Yeouido St. Mary's Hospital +82-2-789-1114
Gangnam St. Mary's Hospital +82-2-590-1114
Soon Chun Huyang University Hospital +82-2-709-9881
Seoul National University Hospital +82-2-760-2890
International SOS Korea Provides 24-hour emergency service for foreigners, acting as a link between patients and Korean hospitals for a fee 02-3140-1700


Emergency Medical Services for Foreigners

In the event of emergency situations while touring Seoul, just call 1339 without area code.
A variety of medical service information (in English, Japanese and Chinese) is available 24 hours a day, year round.

  • Information on international medical centers available for emergencies
  • Recommends the best hospital available
  • Gives consultation on first aid and diseases in emergency situations
  • Calls an ambulance if necessary
  • Information on hospitals available for non-emergency patients
  • Gives other useful information for patients in an emergency