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  • Address: 2F. Itaewon-dong 124-7, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Itaewon
  • +82-2-795-9553

Ever Skin Clinic - Seoul

Even if you are only here for a few days you can still get something out of your visit to Everskin. Nearby there are lots of good restaurants and nightlife too.

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Directions to Ever Skin Clinic

Ever skin clinic offers the latest up-to-date techniques, products, and services to keep your skin healthy and young right in the middle of central Itaewon Seoul, the diplomatic and international neighborhood of Seoul.

Located only 150 meters from Itaewon subway station, line 6, exit 2 in the same building as pizza muzzo. This clinic couldnt be easier and more convenient to find.

The clinic is run by Doctor Kim Ji-Eun, a board certified experienced dermatologist. And the clinic is equipped with laser equipments and medical tools from world renowned companies to ensure that you receive treatments which are proven effective.

The staff include a dermatologist, highly trained nurses and estheticians to give you individual attention and allow you to receive the latest medical services.

All staff can speak English including Doctor Kim. 

At Ever Skin Clinic they are used to servicing foreign clients/patients and they fully explain your treatment plans and answer all your questions in detail related to face& body contour, botox / filler, body contouring, medical acne treatment, scar removal, pigment, hyperhidrosis treatment and skin diseases. The clinic is dedicated to the maintenance of healthy, and beautiful skin and body.

Everskin is experienced in all types of skin types, not only Korean skin types. Itaewon is the original international diplomatic district and the clinic therefore sees are lot of different people from all over the world. Everything is transparent from the consultation to the prices. Simply ask if you have any questions. When you walk into the clinic you'll most likely see other English speaking foreigners making you feel somewhat at ease in new and unfamiliar surroundings that Seoul, Korea can be. 

Below you can check some of the treatments that Everskin can do for you. This includes skin disease treatments of course. 

Stop by for a consultation today, and try the world renowned Korean dermatology standards and competitive prices for yourself.

Visit their English website for more details!

Below are the services offered at Ever Skin Clinic

Laser clinic

Laser for moles, pigment, birthmark
Laser tattoo removal
Laser hair removal
Laser toning for melasma, large pores, fine wrinkles
I2PL facial rejuvenation
Vascular laser for facial flushing, redness
Fractional laser for scar, skin tightening
Laser for scar tissue remodeling (acne, burn, and surgical scars)
Photodynamic therapy for acne

Medical skin care

Chemical peelings
Radiofrequency skin tightening
Excessive perspiration
MTS (micrneedle therapy system)

Botox and Fillers

Botox for forehead, frown lines,
Lifting botox (mesobotox)
Fillers for sunken eyes and cheeks, forehead and chin augmentation
Fillers for crowfeet, forehead wrinkles
Fillers for depressed scar

Lifting clinic

Thread lift
RFXEL(microneedling radiofrequency)

Obesity Clinic

prescribe medicine
Various lipolytic injections
Radiofrequency system for tightening

General dermatology

Scar & Keloid reduction
Hair loss and hair disorder
Acne treatment
Warts and Corns

Address: 2F. Itaewon-dong 124-7, Yongsan-gu, Seoul , Seoul Metropolitan City View Larger Map