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  • Address: 36 Yulgokro-6-gil Street, Jongro-gu, Seoul, Marbella
  • +82 2-765-8025

Insadong Hanjeungmak Sauna - Seoul

This is the only place we know if in Seoul, that has a real non-electricity heated traditional sauna! A must visit for the authentic experience.

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Directions to Insadong Hanjeungmak Sauna

Insadong Hanjeungmak Sauna is right in the heart of traditional and touristy Seoul. It is only a 5 min walk from Insadong street and the best option on the area for a traditional sauna experience.

The Korean traditional sauna culture has been introduced through TV dramas and shows, but what few people know is that its origin is the 'Hanjeungmak' style sauna.

One of the traditional warm saunas inside Insadong Hanjeungmak Spa is modeled after the traditional Korean warm heated sauna, not modern style electricity, where special yellow archer stones and pine trees are burning in a fireplace. This is unique and it has its own chimney system without smoke smell of course. What's even better. This is all done at night and then the residual heat is enough to warm up the sauna all day long!

According to traditional wisdom, the sauna room releases natural elements that penetrate into your pores and results in immediate detoxification and strengthening of the immune system. Calories are also burned faster from the stimulation of white blood cells. The natural warmth help blood circulation and metabolism, as well as relieve stress and fatigue. This place is great for a few hours of rest and recharging. Especially the womens bath area is worth visiting along with the traditional sauna of course.

Insadong Hanjeungmak Sauna invites you to revitalize and experience the real sauna culture right in the heart of Seoul.

The Sauna is for both men and women, with separate bath and shower facilities of course. The two warm saunas are common areas for both gender where one wears t-shit and shorts provided by the place. Just like any other traditional saunas in Seoul!

Insadong Hanjeungmak is open 24 hours! They have resting and sleeping areas inside so it is possible to stay overnight.

They also offer a traditional body scrub popular with local Seoulites.

A traditional Korean practice of cleansing and exfoliation that use textured gloves to remove dead skin cells and dirt, while increasing circulation and firming the skin. Although this tradition is a concept new to many, your entire body will be left silky smooth, completely detoxified and strengthened. Just ask at the counter about services.

Open 24 hours.

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Address: 36 Yulgokro-6-gil Street, Jongro-gu, Seoul , Marbella View Larger Map