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  • Address: B2, KT&G Tower. 1002 Daechi-dongGangnam-gu, Seoul, Seoul, Samseongdong
  • +82-02-557-8030

Spa G - Seoul

Spa G also has a location in the famous shopping district Myeongdong, located in HOTEL SKYPARK CENTRAL! Visit their website link for detailed information

Spa G has an origin unlike other Spa Treatments throughout the world.  Korea Ginseng Corporation or KGC started its red ginseng business in 1899 within the royal palace of the Korean Empire.  Now called Cheong-kwan-Jang, we have maintained their top position because of meticulous quality control that standardizes the entire process.  We are very proud of our product and this trust and sincerity has been blended into our treatments and care at Spa G, guaranteeing you an experience you have not yet come across.

We have Single Programs that include: (60mins)

Facial, Body, Holistic, Head, Back & Foot Treatments.

Package Programs:

Facial Package including Foot spa/ Back Treatment/ Facial Treatment (120mins)

Body Package including Foot spa/ Body Treatment/ Foot Treatment (120mins)

RG Package that includes Footspa/ Body Treatment/ Facial Treatment (150mins)

Special Add - On Program

Red Ginseng Hydro Spa

Red Ginseng Body Mask


The Cheong-kwan-jang SPA G's signature and body treatment uses 6 year grown Korean Red Ginseng

For a detailed list of Spa Treatments available with their description, please visit our website on the link above and remember to book well in advance as we often fill up very quicky!

Our Recommendation! 

Your body will be covered in Ginseng from top to bottom with our Full Body Package Program for 120 minutes of pure relaxation starting with a Foot Spa using our Ginseng concentrate followed by Body Treatment using our special oil also made from Gingseng and last but not least, we will use a range of products to treat both your scalp and shoulders.  This is a must do package!

Best Add-On

Ginseng Body Mask (20mins)

For those who suffer from swelling or insomina, we highly recommmend this special treatment for a low prices of only W33,000

Address: B2, KT&G Tower. 1002 Daechi-dongGangnam-gu, Seoul , Seoul , Seoul Metropolitan City View Larger Map