We, at MyDSeoul like taking pictures...we're not professional photographers, but we enjoy capturing moments, objects, places and people. Check out our Seoul Photos page and see why WE love this city and why YOU should too!

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Have you ever visited a place so different and so far away from home, it almost scares you, yet there is something familiar about this place that makes you feel at ease and at home...? Well, we at MyDSeoul know exactly how you feel. Whenever you visit a new place you want to take a little bit of that place home - the people, the food, the ambience, just to able to show your friends and family and to keep a memory, but how...? It can be really hard to capture a moment, a feeling, an atmosphere in a cheers to videos. Of course these videos are edited, but if you can spare 10 minutes...Surely these will give you a good idea of what it feels like stepping foot in Seoul...

Seoul: Jan 2011 from B. Kim on Vimeo.


City Lights from B. Kim on Vimeo.