City Hall

City Hall is a historic area filled with the history, culture and natural beauty of the Joseon Dynasty, which is now surrounded by modernity, creating a unique atmosphere. City Hall is Seoul's cultural showpiece.

City Hall stands in the main downtown plaza and is considered the city center. In the City Hall area you can find all the landmarks that symbolize Korea's past and present. After hundreds of years of Joseon Dynasty in Seoul, it is only natural that this part of Seoul exhibit the essence and aesthetics of classic Korean architecture and culture.

On either side of Sejong Street, which cuts through the area, rests City Hall, The U.S Embassy, Sejong Arts Center, Seoul Finance Center and at the end, as a landmark and symbol of Seoul's history as capital city during the Joseon Dynasty stands Gwanghwamun Gate. In the middle of Sejong Street lies the beautiful Gwanghwamun Square, a plaza area honoring King Sejong and Admiral Yi Sun-Shin, the naval war hero of Korea.

The view from Sejong Street puts the panorama of nature, history and culture into perspective with Gyeongbokgung Palace's main gate taking center stage, the peak of Ingwang Mountain in the background and the bustle of Seoul in the foreground. The landscape of downtown Seoul is breathtakingly beautiful.

The downtown area is also home to many of Seoul's deluxe hotels, the newly restored Cheonggye Stream and all the palaces are within walking distance. Also within walking distance are numerous department stores, arcades and boutiques. Myeongdong shopping district is also in the main downtown area. Go sightseeing at Seoul's tourist attractions using Seoul City Tour Bus which stops in front of every major attraction in the City Hall Area or watch the royal guard changing ceremony at Deoksugung Palace and eat at one of the many famous restaurants in the narrow alleys surrounding the City Hall area.