Gangnam Station

This is Seoul's busiest area. If you want to experience real energy and excitement come to the area surrounding Gangnam Station. This is the best place to get a real inside look at Modern Korea.

The entire area is densely packed with restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, boutiques, fast fashion stores and movie theaters. Gangnam Station Area is an important commercial and entertainment district. It is one of the most affluent areas of Seoul and it is located in the southeast of the city. Gangnam Main Street is also on the top ten list of the world's most expensive shopping streets.

Gangnam Station is the busiest subway station in Seoul. This is a crucial transfer point between two subway lines and buses to all of Seoul. Samsung Global Headquarters is here along with several other impressive buildings. There are also many shops in the subway station below ground.

If you wonder why there are so many young people flooding the streets. It is not only because they are there to shop and socialize. The area also has some of the highest concentration of cram schools (private education institutes) in Korea. Everywhere you'll see students walking in and out of buildings carrying textbooks or sitting in one of the many cafes studying for their next toefl, gmat or sat exam.

The main street, Gangnam Boulevard, Ubiquitous Street or Digital Media Street (it has many names) has also been designated as a digital testing lab for Seoul Government. On both sides of the street you will see tall media poles, 12.4 meters to be exact and they are the most advanced digital signage systems in the world. They act as Wifi hot spots and they allow people to take pictures, play games, search for traffic information and look at maps etc. You can also read news on them.

Massive government investment, along with a newly added subway line and Samsung Headquarters and its showcase room and mega store, Gangnam, Street Area is a testbed for everything cutting edge digital.