Hongdae, The Hongik University neighborhood is the center of Korea’s indie culture. It can be compared to Lisbon's 'Bairro Alto' and 'Chiado' districts because of the many underground clubs and bars flooding the streets here. Hongdae is also one of the only places in Seoul where you will find street art.

This is an interesting cultural area rich in history. From 1990, club culture in Seoul has evolved from spot to spot, becoming an icon of youth culture. Hongdae is the perfect example of this evolution as everywhere you go, you will see creativity and experimental art and music in the many spaces, cafes, underground clubs and open spots in Hongdae. On the weekends, this place is full of young people looking to have a good time in its many clubs and bars and you will see performances of amateur bands are held in the playgrounds or vacant lots.

If you want an unusual, snazzy shopping experience, Hongdae is the answer. Flooded with unique fashion items, Hongdae streets are lined with unique shops offering eccentric fashion items.

Hongik University is famous for its College of Fine Arts, and this is one of the reasons why it has developed into an area for young people with unique senses.

On the second and last Fridays of every month, Hongdae turns into 'Sound Day' and 'Club Night', both special nights of playfulness. 'Sound Day' features live performances by rock bands and well known DJs at the ten clubs involved. This allows you to pick the performances that best suit your taste.

'Club Day' will give you access to all the participating clubs in Hongdae for the price of one. The music on Club Day is not live performances but club music. 'Club Day' is popular, so expect the streets to be flooded with young people scurrying in and out of club after club and conversing on the streets and alleys until dawn.