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  • Address: 4FL. Ssamzie-gil Building, 38 Gwanhung-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul, Insadong

Poop Cafe - Seoul

Walk around at Ssamzie-gil Building first. The entire complex is full of cute little stores. Enjoy the walk up to the top and you'll see Poop Cafe!

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Welcome to perhaps the most unique cafe you'll ever come across anywhere in the world?? Ddong Cafe - or in English Poop Cafe, serves some of the prettiest coffees, ades and waffles in Seoul, but it's not the drinks and food as such that draws people in, it's what its served in and on that's the attraction!

In Korea poop symbolizes fortune and good luck. Having a dream where poop appears or going to the bathroom means it's a good sign and fortune will come to you. This comes from the ancient Korean card game Hwato.

Take a look at the pictures in the gallery and you'll quickly realize that the cups and plates are small cutesy toilet coffee cups and other bathroom resembling chinaware.

Poop cafe also sells poop scones, bread and their latte art on top of their coffees even look like poop! But everything tastes wonderful and we love everything about this cafe. Their cups are for sale as well by the way.

Poops cafe is a must visit while in Seoul, ask for a toilet cup latte and a cheese waffle, also the flower ade is very photogenic and refreshing!

Here is a little background information about Poop Cafe.

The concept of the cafe started from their hit item in Insadong - the poop bread. The name of the cafe came from the word, poop, and it was changed to poooop to make it sound cuter for the customers to come and enjoy the cafe and its decorations :)

Address: 4FL. Ssamzie-gil Building, 38 Gwanhung-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul , Seoul Metropolitan City View Larger Map