Study in Seoul

Any efforts to speak the local language, in this case Korean, will be highly appreciated and may sometimes be necessary when visiting Seoul. Koreans place a great deal of emphasis and respect on social hierachy, and the korean language reflects this. Korean includes different levels of speech, depending greatly on the relationship between the speaker and listener, their level of familiarity with each other, the setting and age difference.


How hard is it to learn Korean?

Learning the Korean Alphabet (hanegul) is not as difficult as it may seem, anyone can learn to read and write hanegul in less than a week and you do not need to join a class or a language programme to learn hanegul. The challenging part of learning Korean is remebering words and how to spell words. Each character in Korean has a sound and when putting two or more characters together, they form a word. Korean is challenging, but fun and not as hard as it may seem. Definitely one of the less complex Asian languages to learn because you only need a basic understanding and basic vocabulary to be able to understand simple sentences and form simple sentences.

Where can I study Korean and how much does it cost?

There are many places in Seoul to study korean.