Best Cooking Classes in Seoul

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Seoul team

Cooking food is a fun way to learn about Korean culture. Korean cooking classes are fun and at the same time, a fun way to learn about some of the key ingredients used in Korean cuisine. Check our recommendations for classes and types of food.

Seoul is filled with cooking classes to attend. Many food tour companies, such as the popular; ZenKimchi and O'ngo Food Communications, also arrange cooking classes. They are a great interactive way to learn about Korea, Korean culture and not to mention, meet new faces. Sign up and try out some of the most popular dishes in the Korean kitchen: Kimchi, Japchae, Bulgogi etc., and show off your new cooking skills to your friends and family when you come home. They'll love you for it!Book a class in advance. Some classes even have customized menus. Find a class that suits you and let the cooking begin!