BBL Trend in Korea

In Korea, if you look at celebrities' awards ceremony dresses recently, the close-fitting one-piece stands out.

It is because showing off the S-line that connects the chest, waist, and buttocks creates an issue as interest in the body is increasing. Usually, the S line is thought to refer to the size of each part, but the exact meaning is the harmony of the contours and lines appearing in each part of the body.

Therefore, harmony between the waist line, the hip line, and the thigh line depending on the body type is more important than anything else.

Exposing one's body in a close-fitting one-piece is also a recent fashion trend in Korea, so many women can be seen wearing tight-fitting dresses on the streets. However, flat and swollen buttocks not only kill the look, but the hip line and thigh line are not harmonious, which hinders the completion of the S-line.

Recently, more and more women are thinking about hip-up plastic surgery for this reason. There are many types of hip-up surgery in Korea, more globally known as BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), but the most commonly used methods are implant hip-up surgery and autologous fat transplant hip-up surgery.

If you are skinny and have no flesh, leading bbl clinics in Seoul may recommend hip-up surgery with implants, and if you have excess fat on your body, they may recommend hip-up surgery with autologous fat grafting.

Also, the point is to choose the surgical method according to your body type. Hip-up surgery not only makes the hips elastic and lifts them up, but also makes the legs look longer as the bottom line of the hips does not sag. Therefore, when looking at the back, the proportions look better, and a smooth S-line can be created. 

Since surgery can cause pain and swelling after receiving plastic surgery, the desired hip height, location, and selection of implants should be decided after consultation with a specialist like Dr.An at Seoul's Lydian Plastic Surgery to ensure a pain-free and glorious-looking bbl after 10 years or more.