Invisalign orthodontic treatment in Korea, how should I choose a dentist?


Winter vacation is a time when there is more free time than usual, so orthodontic consultations are more common. Orthodontic treatment can improve aesthetics while treating functional problems of teeth by improving uneven alignment of teeth, malocclusion, protruding mouth, and the like.

In particular, even children whose permanent teeth have not erupted may need early treatment if they have malocclusion. This is because protruding jaws and malocclusion can cause masticatory problems such as inability to chew food evenly, inaccurate pronunciation, difficulty in oral hygiene management, and severe appearance stress.

In children and adolescents, the teeth in the jawbone continue to grow, so teeth move quickly and teeth are formed neatly even with weak force. Compared to orthodontic treatment for adults, it is not only less painful, but also more advantageous in terms of cost and period of orthodontic treatment. However, it is true that many people hesitate to undergo orthodontic treatment because bracket braces are attached to their teeth. This is because it may cause another form of appearance stress because of the rail-shaped brackets and correction wires. Because metal brackets are highly visible, they have low aesthetics, and it is difficult to manage oral hygiene because food is easily caught in them.

For this reason, there are many cases in which the transparent aligner ‘Invisalign’ is chosen as a method of orthodontic treatment for children during their growth phase. Unlike fixed orthodontic devices that use brackets, transparent orthodontics is a method of correcting, using a frame made of reinforced plastic without a separate bracket. It is convenient and aesthetically pleasing as you can remove and put the braces on and off during treatment without the burden of mounting brackets.

However, since the results of orthodontics vary widely depending on the expertise of orthodontists, it is necessary to have an in-house digital laboratory (3D printer) to check whether Invisalign clear orthodontic treatment is possible at a reasonable cost. It is also a matter of looking at whether Invisalign Platinum elite grade was obtained in recognition of the abundant number of treatment cases, 3D digital diagnostic equipment 'Morpheus' for 3D CT and virtual simulation after treatment, and Aitero 2, a 3D intraoral scanner exclusively for Invisalign.

Even if the same orthodontic device is used, the treatment method and correction period may vary depending on the severity of protruding mouth, malocclusion, and overcrowded teeth, so it is advisable to focus on the experience, know-how and expertise of medical staff. It is important to check whether orthodontics and dental hospital permission have been obtained after a strict examination, and whether orthodontics and professional collaboration are conducted professionally. Above all, through a systematic examination, you should select the most suitable orthodontic appliance for your oral structure, teeth, gums, and occlusion condition.

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