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Too-cool-for-school comments, fun facts and hipster pictures

Join us in expressing a warm welcome to Kimchi Town aka. Christian Risom Skaanning a ‘Danish dude’ who has (very wisely) decided to spend a semester in Seoul! He is going to be sharing his experiences over the coming months in a series of weekly articles, which will cover everything from to-cool-for-school comments, fun facts and hipster pictures giving us a genuine portrait of his experiences in this vibrant city. All content will also be published on his blog, Kimchi Town check it out!

We've gathered a few snapshots from his blog here. Words by My Guide Seoul and all pictures are courtesy of Kimchi Town. Follow this visual diary to a hipster (student) life in Seoul and watch this space, as we await more local updates from Kimchi Town...

Kimchi Town

Get a T-Money card, it works for all public transportation in and around the city... easy to use, affordable - an absolute must-have when surfing underground. You can buy it at subway stations and convenience stores.


T-Money luv

Find a place around campus to chill, if you're 'too-cool-for-school', like here at Chung Ang University...however if you prefer getting off campus try one of the many cafés in Seoul. Seoul is café crazy!!!


Too cool for school

If you've been dining at the campus cafeteria, we're sure your palate is screaming for something else besides soup, white rice and kimchi?! Try Japche, a  dish, made with sweet potato glass noodles, veggies and sesame oil.

Soup, White Rice and Kimchi or....?!

When in as the locals do and go for a walk along the popular Cheonggye Stream. This is where couples come on a first date, parents bring their kids and friends and co-workers go for a peaceful stroll. We recommend going at night-time to see the laser show - true hipster style.

Do as the locals do...

Being a student, every night is a chance to party but where to go and  what's on in Seoul ?

You will find extraordinary nightlife in Seoul  at your footstep, if not...look right down your alley...make sure to dress properly and bring loads of money to spend in the bar - the ladies will come looking for you...Hipster Gangnam Style!

Look right down your Alley..

Club is closed, but you're still up, there are about a million things to do in Seoul , but if everyting is closed, there's always Karaoke! Shout out your lungs to the songs you forgot ever existed...if you're lucky, you might find the track you're looking for, even if the remote looks like this!


Forgotten songs?

So your belly is full of beer and soju and your head is full of old tunes mixed with cheesy Korean love songs you never knew's time for some breakfast! Koreans like to go for a meal at the end of the night, (or early  morning) we recommend going all in for some Korean Barbecue, try the samgyeopsal (three layered pork belly) cut, Koreans LOVE this stuff, might not be your typical breakfast after a long night of partying...but 'do as the locals do'! Try it once - you'll wanna try it again!


One of the advantages of staying up late as a poor (but hipster) can catch the first subway home and save the taxi fare (even though taxi's are inexpensive in Seoul )! Thank you Line 4 for your beautiful views. 

"The hills and sky collide, a sunrise suicide"

Off to bed.


Off to bed at Dawn