Korean clinic launches ‘Double Chin EMS Band’ to help face lift


Double chin lift is becoming more and more popular procedure in Korea, clinics like Haru Clinic provides exceptional results for people who are looking for double chin lifting. Also a lot of doctors mention that double chin EMS band helps with face lifting based on their experience.

Di Mare Clinic in Korea announced on Dec. 19th that it will introduce the double chin EMS band ‘Oh My Tuck’, which helps with face lifting based on their 12 years of experience.

The device helps people get rid of the habit of making their face bigger and manage it with a smaller face. According to Dr. Lee, ‘Oh My Chin’, worn on the face for just 10 minutes a day, provides lymphatic massage to remove swelling in the jaw line and strengthen the double chin muscles to lift sagging jaw lines.

Director Lee explained, “The difference from existing face-lifting EMS devices is the directionality of EMS,” and added, “The current works from the bottom of the jaw line upward to remove lymphatic swelling and reduce facial swelling.”
In addition, the hospital explained that it does not require a gel pad or gel solution, and can be used conveniently even with makeup, and can be used semi-permanently as it does not require consumables.

Director Lee Ha-young said, “A small face is something you are born with, but it can be managed enough depending on how you manage your facial fat. This means that the habit of facial care is as important as surgery.” He added, "One small habit through the use of Oh My Chin will change the line of the face, and a small change in expression will change the smile."

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