Must-buy Items At Daiso In Seoul


Daiso is like a dollar store in U.S or Canada where they have just about everything. Daiso translates as “we have everything”, so be sure to check out this retail shop as they have stores nationwide. Here are the lists of items that are worth buying in Daiso. They are not in particular order.

1. Korean noodles(ramen) cooking pot (₩3,000)

If you have ever seen Korean dramas or movies, you must have seen this cooking pot because it is a common prop! Usually in the scene the actor or actress cooks Korean noodles with this pot and even uses the lid as a plate. Even if you visit any Korean noodle restaurant, you can find them easily. It’s a small pot that fits only one ramen and there’s nothing better than to have it with Kimchi.


2. Patterned Masking Tape Set (₩3,000)

This could be a great small gift to bring back home as it’s light and compact. Everyone needs a tape every now and then and it fun tape everyone can use. Kids love using these patterned tapes as they come with different patterns such as animals, fruits, flowers, strips, shiny colors and etc… 

3. Roll cleaner (₩1,000) and 2 rolls of refills (₩2,000)

Have you ever struggled with small dust on your clothes on an important day? That small dust is tricky, especially if you don't have enough time to wash the close. Roll cleaner at Daiso will help you to clean your clothes quickly and easily. All you need to do is roll them on your close! Also, I highly recommend this if you have a pet as it can easily remove any hair that sticks to your clothes. You can bring it for traveling too as it's quite small.

4. Heat pack (3 packs for ₩2,000)

A wide variety of Heat packs are sold at Daiso and I strongly recommend you buy them as heat packs are a must during the winter in Korea! Heat Packs are available ranging from packs that you carry around to packs that you stick directly on your body to help you go through a warm winter!

5. Shoe Cleaner (₩2,000)

This is one of my favorite at Daiso as I use it occasionally. It is easy to get your shoes dirty when wearing them a lot and it’s tough to wash them. When you open the cleaner, you will be able to see a sponge in the middle with a brush around the sponge. The cleaning agent liquid will come out from the middle of the sponge and you can wipe it which will make the dirt on the sneakers go away. Remember to wipe the cleaned place with the cloth after you are done. I noticed it works best with cotton fabric shoes. Do not use the cleaner on leather shoes.

6. Selfie-stick (₩3,000)

Selfie-stick is a must if you love traveling. The price of selfie-sticks starts at just ₩3,000 and tripods start from around ₩3,000 - ₩5,000. What’s good about Daiso is that they have so many designs in different colors. Find the one that’s small and light making it perfect to carry around!