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Why Seoul Korea is the best destination for hair transplants

The problem

As the number of younger men going to hair treatment clinics has gone up in recent years, many people still blame hair loss on unbalanced diets and work-related stress. Most people are probably willing to change their diet, shampoo and even overall lifestyle to some extent to regain hair growth but the truth is once you have lost your hair there is no way to get it back. Sure you can take medicine and use Rogaine, but those only help to delay balding or strengthen existing hair. The only way to truly get you hair back is with a hair transplant.

Sooner or later, half of all men will show signs of male pattern baldness. The number is not as high for women, but with today's diet and other exposure to everyday hygiene products and work related stress, losing your hair is now an unwanted part of getting older. This is not even the main driving factor. Our genetic makeup is the main reason we start to lose our hair. So if you're unlucky enough to have baldness in the family then chances are you will go bald at some point or another.

Transplants have existed for a long time, but were usually reserved for the few who could afford them. But now, everyone can regain their hair as transplantation techniques have improved and clinics have become more widespread.

The solution

Seoul, South Korea has become the best place for hair loss patients. The reason for this is simple: A large number of highly trained hair transplantation specialists, combined with competitive prices offer patients the best value for money.

Hair transplantation is now being offered starting from 3000 USD here in Seoul, depending on how many grafts needed. These prices usually also include free hair examination and consultation.

Let's talk about the procedure. Hair loss, hair transplant, hair treatment covers the most popular expressions for the only procedure that is guaranteed to get hair back on your head - FUT or follicular unit transplantation. The procedure pretty much goes like this; hair is "harvested" from a part of your head where hair grows well and is then moved to the desired area where one needs it.

There are other products and procedures out there such as various scalp treatments which may work well in cases where hair loss is related to non-hereditary hair loss, but if you want hair to grow back without worrying and without taking daily supplements etc., then transplant is the only way to go forward, and Korean doctors are experts in this field.

There are hundreds of clinics offering hair transplant procedures in Seoul, Korea. Some better than others, but the fact is that with this many doctors, competition and research, benefit the patients in the end.

So the fact is, these days men and women are experiencing hair loss and are more conscious about it than ever before. But with the lower prices and experienced doctors available this does not have to be your fate. Below are some of the clinics that we would vouch for. We trust the people there, have met the doctors and all clinics are reputable in Korea among Koreans too. 


Maxwell Hair clinic

Consistently voted of of Korea's best hair transplant clinics and works with state of the art medical technology. All doctors at Maxwell are extremly well trained and have decades of experience in the field. 


The Black Hair Clinic

20 years experience with hair transplants and they have been treating foreigners and visitors to Korea ever since they opened. The international coordinator speaks English and can help you with anything you need.



FORHAIR Hair Transplant Group Korea

One of the top hair loss treatment clinics in the world with three clinics in Seoul, Daegu and Busan providing the highest quality hair restoration treatments with a highly experienced staff and medical team. The coordinator speaks English and is also very helpful. 



Specializes in hair loss treatments with a wide variety of hair-related solutions and services.  Using only organic natural products LEEMONWON brand blends nature and science into easy and comfortable care everyday for everyone. This clinic is famous for a holistic approach to your well being and hair and we were very impressed with what we saw. They also speak English of course.