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Abundance of chiropractors in Korea

Seoul is a global megacity and thus millions of people live in highly dense areas. And so, it comes as no surprise that there are literally thousands of chiropractors littered across the city. So as one can imagine, finding the right clinic might seem like a daunting task, so much so that you might just consider living in agony instead of sifting through a bunch of places online. Luckily, we have gone through the trouble of getting injured and in the process, finding one of the best chiropractors in Gangnam.

What makes a good chiropractor

Firstly, we have to determine the list of requirements to consider when deciding what differentiates an okay chiropractor from a great one. Factors such as location, facilities, doctor experience and of course, being English friendly are top concerns. The clinic that we found is right in the heart of Gangnam, the medical capital of the country. The facilities, as we will lay out below, are more expensive than most people’s houses and the doctor and staff are all graduates of some of the most prestigious universities in Korea.

Why I went to Nonhyeon orthopedic clinic

As an avid sports enthusiast, frequent visits to the chiropractor has been a regular occurrence in my life since a young age. Recently I started to play rugby again and as luck would have it I partially dislocated my shoulder during practice. Felt it slip right out of the socket. A familiar feeling as I had dislocated the other side in high school. I found Nonhyeon Orthopedic clinic via a YouTube video. They were visited by two other foreigners and it seemed they knew their stuff. 

I made an appointment by calling their English number and decided that I would also have my bad posture addressed. I have had bad posture since a young age and the excessive use of my phone has only made this worse. I have a super straight spine and years of looking down at a screen, replying to texts and scrolling Instagram has made it even worse. Now that I had a busted shoulder, I knew it was time to bite the bullet and go have my body looked after.


Of course, I had no idea as to the best treatment for me so I was ready to do anything short of selling my liver to get rid of the pain. I started off with ICT (interferential current treatment) which is done by running a current of electricity through the muscles. This is a pretty unique experience and feels as if something is sucking your skin tightly together in 1 second intervals. After a while you can feel the muscles start to relax. I was already feeling good after this, but the ICT was only the start.

Next, the therapist informed me I would be receiving the ESWT (Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy) treatment. This machine apparently costs around $100,000, so I was hoping it would heal me on the spot. The head of the machine uses shockwaves to stimulate the damaged area and increase metabolism at a cellular level. It felt pretty surreal, it had no effect when applied to undamaged areas, but the moment it went over my shoulder I was zapped with a weird shock. After a few minutes I actually started to like it, and asked them to turn it up.

After the ESWT, I was assisted by a very friendly gentleman named Hero, a very appropriate name, as this guy definitely saved me from some severe pain. The physical treatment entailed a bunch of clicks and crunches and moving me up and down, side to side. Once this was done I could turn my head in a circular movement, something I have not been able to do for years.

Lastly, I also got to experience the drop table. I must admit I was pretty intimidated by this machine. It makes a terrifying noise, as if a gunshot is being fired. Once you drop the therapist applied pressure to your body and the body releases a whizz of cracks.

The treatment lasted about an hour and I walked out of the clinic feeling extremely nimble and the following week gyming went down rather smooth. I only regret I did not find this place sooner.

Another interesting part of the clinic was this cool machine they have, an apparatus that checks your posture using weight sensors and laser measuring. It tells you how much weight you’re placing on which foot and in which direction you’re leaning. A very cool way to identify posture problems and how to fix it.

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