Winter shopping in Seoul


Best places to go shopping when it is cold in Seoul

Korea has a four distinctive seasons where it's really hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Because you have to shop for all four seasons, there's a high demand of apparel.

There's no better place to shop in Seoul. Why? Because it has all the brands from high luxurious brands to SPA brands (specialty retailer of private label apparel). Not to mention there are so many mini accessory trendy shops. It's definitely worth coming to Seoul to experience what you have never experienced before.
What Korean fashion is like:
Koreans prefer quality over quantity. You'll often see women with Moncler jacket and a Louis Vuitton bag. It's almost like a uniform here. Let me remind you that typical Moncler jacket ranges from $2,000~4,000 USD and Vuitton bags ranging from $2,000 USD. People in general like luxury so you can find just about any style you like because these stores offer variety to meet the demands of the shoppers.  
Here are some popular shopping destinations


It's in the heart of Seoul and it's located in downtown. You can get off at Myungdong subway station line 4 and they offer lots of shops as well as department stores. They offer high-end to SPA brands. This is one of the most popular destination for foreigners who loves to shop. They also have street food if you like to have a bite while shopping. They also have a famous Kalguksu, (handmade) chopped noodles restaurant, Myungdong Gyoja. This place has been around for decades and it's one of my personal favorite.

Coex Mall in Gangnam

You can get off at Samsung station subway line 2 and you'll walk into a big mall which has lots of shops. From domestic brands to luxury, they offer various brands with a food court. It's also attached to an exhibition and they hold lots of fun exhibitions. You can check out the event through the website of COEX. They even have an aquarium for our enjoyment.


Chungdahm is part of Gangnam and offers luxurious goods. They have lots of luxury flagship stores since it's in an affluent area of Gangnam. If you are looking for something luxurious such as a bag or a fashionable clothes, you should definitely try this area. You'll also notice lots of exotic cars such as Rolls Royce to Ferrari.    
Outlet malls
There are lots of outlet malls but they are usually located outskirt of Seoul since it takes up lots of space. They are clean and parking fees are reasonable since it's located just outside of Seoul. They offer domestic brands as well as contemporary brands.