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  • Address: Ritz calton Hotel, 602 Yeoksam-dong, Seoul, Gangnam-Station, 135-080
  • 82 2 6447 0042

Club Base - Seoul

After-Club Food: If hunger is haunting you after a night of clubbing, luckily Track has some great eats nearby!

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Directions to Club Base

Fri - Sat: 10:00 pm - 6:30 am

Club Track is classy - this goes for the venue as well as the crowd. Located inside Gangnam's prestigious Ritz-Carlton hotel, Track brands itself as a "megaclub," and it does not disappoint. The venue's massive dance floor is bordered by giant black marble columns and despite the club's massive size, it manages to pack itself consistently every Friday and Saturday night. This is where Seoul Clubbers gather for Techno and House!

Base tends to draw a more professional crowd that most of the other clubs, and as a result the typical patron is a bit older and a lot classier than your average clubber. Track's resident DJs play tech house and "minimalism" - a style of house that creates music by using as few sounds as possible - so don't expect to recognize any beatport top-100 dancefloor hits here. However, when Track brings in guest DJs that break from the mold of minimalist house, the entire club can transform. The downstairs tables are located right beside the dancefloor, providing a great home base and a place to bring new friends to take a shot with you. Upstairs VIP tables are much more exclusive - no one without a wristband is allowed upstairs, so unlike other clubs, the upstairs at Track is truly reserved to those with VIP status. It's like an exclusive private party inside an already private and exclusive club.

After-Club Food: If hunger is haunting you after a night of clubbing, luckily Track has some great eats nearby. There's a Jjajangmyun place right across the street from Ritz Carlton hotel that is famous in Seoul (their walls are lined with celebrity autographs). Simply walk down the steep hill from Track, cross the main road and turn left, it's a really small place on your right. If you go at the right time, you can see the ajusshi making the noodles fresh by hand. Get an order of tangsooyook (fried sweet-and-sour pork) for the table as well, it's delicious. Alternatively, don't cross the street, and walk straight down the hill (towards Kyobo tower) for some legendary budae jjigae (spicy noodle soup with sausages and spam). It will be on your left.


Address: Ritz calton Hotel, 602 Yeoksam-dong, Seoul , Seoul Metropolitan City, 135-080 View Larger Map