Garosu-gil Street

Garosu-gil Street is the "It street" in Seoul. People call it "Europe in Seoul". Beautiful people, trendy shopping, new cafes, people watching, cool wine bars.

Landmark: Coffee Smith.

The main street Garosu-gil Street and the street running parallel to the main street, Saerosu-gil Street are not to be missed. Go here to see leading fashion trends, cool boutiques and beautiful people. It's a great place for people watching and discovering new trends.

The main street, a long beautiful avenue type street adorned with Gingko trees on both sides, is a showcase of trendy boutiques, cute accessory shops, new cafes, wine bars and beautiful people. On Saerosu-gil Street you'll find more of the same, but also more interesting independent cafes, restaurants and designer shops. Because the  street is harmonized with many pretty shops, young women especially love this street. On a good day, you can often see fashion models shoot here.

The area started blossoming around 2006 and it is now a must visit area if you want to explore modern Seoul. Garosu-gil Street is only 5 minutes away from Sinsa Subway Station. And it is near Gangnam Station Area and Cheongdam Area.

Try one of the many open-air cafes and too-cute-to-eat cup cakes. If you are lucky you might see a few celebrities on the main street or sitting inside some of the many trendy establishments.

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