Hwaro Korean Barbecue Restaurant
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  • Address: 26-8 Yongsandong-2-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul , Haebangchon
  • +82-2-792-7818

Hwaro Korean Barbecue Restaurant - Seoul

Haebangchon also has a whisky bar, right next to Hwaro and other unique bars on the same street, so come here for late dinner experience what other little treats the neighborhood has to offer.

Hwaro Korean Barbecue Restaurant is Best For

Affordable All Ages Boys' Night Out Lively Atmosphere Quick Bites

Directions to Hwaro Korean Barbecue Restaurant

With opening hours from 5pm to 5am! this Korean Barbecue restaurant in Seoul offers some of the best value and atmosphere we've come across! Prices are great and the staff is attentive and friendly. You'll see a good mix of locals and foreigners at this restaurant.

At Hwaro, they use real charcoal and you grill the meat using a stone pot, a different way of grilling which we think creates a unique atmosphere. The menu has pictures of all the menu items so it is easy to navigate and the staff can speak a little English. Enough to get what you need.

Prices are great. 2 adults can leave the place full for around 30-40,000KRW. Including a glass of beer or two even! Not many places can offer that kind of value in Seoul anymore.

At night the atmosphere turns into a Korean late night midnight dining restaurant, and it would not be surprising to see people have fun and talk to each other across tables.

Hwaro has also recently brought in a special Izakaya theme which specially selected dishes and Japanese sake for those late night enthusiasts looking for a great place to hang out.

Highly recommended if you want to try Korean barbecue!.

Address: 26-8 Yongsandong-2-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul , Seoul Metropolitan City View Larger Map