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  • Address: Kyunghyang Arthill 2F, 22 Jung-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, Jung-gu-
  • +82-2-3143-5959

Fanta-Stick - Seoul

This is great with children as there are quite a few comic non verbal acting scenes which are universal and the reaction from the younger audience is great. Bring your children! Also it is interactive with audience performing together with performers. Very funny parts!

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Moderately Priced Families With Children Creative & Artistic Cultural Experience

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Unique non verbal performance showcasing many different styles from traditional music to contemporary dance and comedy etc.

Live Comic Non-verbal Musical 'Fanta-Stick' Powerful heart-beating rhythm of percussions and heart-filling melodies of Korean traditional music!

Fanta-Stick is the only live music performance where you can feel the powerful heart-beating rhythm of percussion and the heart-filling melodies of Korean traditional music all at once. Rhythmical percussion sounds, breathtaking performances, remarkable traditional melodies, and a beautiful love story will keep you thrilled throughout. Unique integration of local folk music with Western pop and the harmonization of traditional instruments will give you an unforgettable experience

Storyline: In the beginning, God created a woman and a man and made them love each other. God loved them so much that he gave a heavenly drum to the man and a heavenly flute to the woman. But the man becomes obsessed with the heavenly drum so the woman tears off the heavenly drum to take his love back. As a result, God separates two families apart and make them and takes away the heavenly flute. He also makes the string family wonder around the nether world as ghosts and the only way to go back to human is to find the heavenly flute and play the fantastic music with it. Will the string and percussion families get together and make the fantastic music? 

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Address: Kyunghyang Arthill 2F, 22 Jung-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul , Seoul Metropolitan City View Larger Map