Nanji Camping Ground
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  • Address: 495-81 Sangam-dong, Seoul, Mapo-gu
  • +82-2-304-0061
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Nanji Camping Ground - Seoul

Go earlier and try Mangwon Outdoor Swimming Pool located less than a kilometer from Nanji Camping Ground. Directions same as Nanji, take a taxi from Hapjeong station and say Mangwon Hankang Su-yeong Jang.

Directions to Nanji Camping Ground

Nanji Camping Ground is one of the only areas where you are allowed to BBQ by the river, so why not take advantage of the weather and grill away with friends! A favorite place among locals. Located in Han River Citizen's Park which is surrounding the World Cup Stadium on Sangam-dong near Hongdae.

Entrance to the camping ground costs 3,750 won a person and you are able to rent the following equipment: Tent, tables, chairs, grill (different sizes), blankets, mats and lanterns.

Here are some example prices:

Grill for 4 people: 7,000 KRW

Grill for 20 people: 26,000 KRW

Per chair: 1,000 KRW

Per table: 6,000 KRW

Folding Shade Tent (3x4 meter): 20,000KRW

There is also a store where you can buy food and alcohol.

We recommend you buy your own meat before you go and your favorite wine, or other alcohol. The store sells cold beer so don't worry about bringing that. Unless you want imported or specialty beers. It also sells lettuce, garlic other kinds of vegetables and disposable plates, forks, chopsticks, and other disposable kitchen utensils. Should you be in the spontaneous mood, you can just bring yourself and some friends and rent/buy everything on site, including meat, so don't worry.

Open Hours: 11am - 10pm (Yes. 23 hour open).

Local Tip!

Try Mangwon Outdoor Swimming Pool located less than a kilometer from Nanji Camping Ground. Take a taxi from Mangwon station, line 6 and say: "Mangwon hankang su-yeong jang".

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