Top 5 Skin Care Clinic In South Korea


Best Dermatologist in Korea

South Korea is at the forefront of healthcare innovations and skin care treatments. There are MANY skin care clinics in South Korea that offer exceptionally great services.

However, in this article, we are going to tell you about the top 5 skin care clinics in South Korea as chosen by our local experts. 

1. Modelo Skin clinic

Modelo Skin Clinic is one of the best skincare clinics in South Korea – certainly for the most obvious reasons. Modelo Skin Clinic brings together dermatologists, beauticians, and nursing professionals.

Modelo boasts a qualified team trained and committed to the quality and safety of the services provided.Patients are attended to by specialized professionals, in Modelo's modern and luxurious facilities. 
Modelo Skin Clinic offers integral treatment of health and aesthetics of the skin, through the provision of specialized services, with reception, promoting the well-being of the population.

At Modelo Skin Clinic, they are able to perform diagnosis, clinical, surgical and laser treatment of diseases affecting skin. They are also known as he filler and botox experts in Seoul, with 18 years of experience. At Modelo they incorporate state-of-the-art technology for body and facial treatments combining quality, safety and professional ethics in the promotion and maintenance of its embellishment.

Modelo Skin Clinic has a welcoming and efficient facility for consultation, dermatological procedures, and aesthetic treatments. Joining modern technologies to the team’s experience, the clinic values ​​safety, health, and well-being, working in accordance with the norms of South Korean regulatory bodies.

2. Oracle Cheongdam

The skin is the most extensive organ of the human body and also the most exposed, so it requires very special care and attention that people sometimes overlook. At Oracle clinic, you can fix that mistake and begin to give your dermis the care it really deserves, with treatments specially designed to take care of your skin.

Oracle Skin Care's specific treatments for skin, ensures impeccable results not only in terms of aesthetics, but also to the health of the dermis. With the advice of their doctors, you can recover your skin's healthy appearance by choosing the treatment that best suits your needs.

At Oracle Skin Care, you can discover the latest developments in treatments for skin care that will benefit your skin beyond expectation. They are experts in skin care and have the right treatment for each problem. They have the best tools and the most advanced techniques, within dermatology and aesthetic medicine, to carry out innovative treatments with great benefits for the skin of the patients.

The treatments encompass both aesthetic dermatology as clinical and cosmetic dermatology, so they can help you in all your skin related problems. The most demanded treatments are framed within aesthetic dermatology and are related to the elimination of spots and wrinkles as well as to combat cellulite and overweight or obesity.

In the dermatology clinic in Korea, they use hyaluronic acid of the highest quality and the most advanced techniques of infiltration for the elimination and reduction of wrinkles and flaccidity. They also use botulinum toxin (also known as Botox) for the elimination of wrinkles of expression. In addition, the nutritional treatments will help you achieve your weight goals and keep them long term, always from the care of your health.

3. Ever Skin Clinic

When you visit Ever Skin Clinic in Korea and you reveal your problem, they will always be realistic when it comes to indicating the results you can get. With the treatments, they help you to enhance your natural beauty, because naturalness for them is very important.

The experience of each of the professionals and the quality of the products are a guarantee of safety. In addition, for them, the treatment, attention, and follow-up are an indispensable part of the service.

Ever Skin Clinic offers the possibility of carrying out a personalized dermo-cosmetic study of the skin of the face to discover its condition and possible cosmetic alterations, and to offer advice in the form of a therapeutic guide, of the care and treatments it needs.

Ever Skin Clinic in Korea has a large team of medical experts in plastic and aesthetic surgery. Their experience and special commitment to be at the forefront in the treatment of aesthetic medicine have made it an aesthetic center in Korea.

Ever Skin Clinic has highly qualified professionals of recognized prestige in the fields of cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, aesthetic medicine and anti-aging medicine that work together to improve aesthetics, health, and welfare of their patients. The multidisciplinary team offers comprehensive treatment to meet your expectations. They put at your disposal the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment to be at the forefront of the treatments.

4. HERSHE Plastic Surgery

HERSHE Plastic Surgery center goal is to improve your life by providing the means and treatments so that you feel more comfortable in your body. They have a center where you are the most important where the team can guide you, advise you and help you with your concerns to feel better with you. They have the best equipment and medical products.

They know that surgery offers many solutions to correct imperfections in your body, but the team at HERSHE Plastic Surgery center believe that an intervention is not something banal and that you must have the best qualified and accredited medical staff. The team is led by qualified plastic surgeons with extensive experience and member of the most important national and international medical associations.

In the consultation, and before any treatment and intervention, you will be attended by qualified surgeons, whose philosophy considers that the relationship and communication with the patient is the basic pillar of the success of the treatment. The personalized assessment of each patient (each person is unique) and open communication between the doctor and his patient is essential and is the main asset that they can offer you.

In addition, the doctors know and better understands your sensitivity and concerns so that you can make the right decision with full confidence. They have currently launched the Rapid Post-Surgery Recovery Program. All the people who operate with them benefit from it. Moreover, it involves the application of physiotherapy and medicine techniques for a more rapid and comfortable recovery of surgery.

5. Hus-Hu Dermatology Clinic

The main value of Hus-Hu Dermatology Clinic is its multidisciplinary team. The medical team and the health personnel are specialized in each area in order to offer excellence in each of the treatments, offering the safety of being in the hands of the best team.

The research and dedication to the knowledge of the specialty, emphasizing the scientific aspect and leading the latest techniques, has always been the priority for the benefit of the patient. Hus-Hu Dermatology supports research, organizes training grants, organizes professional meetings, publishes scientific publications, and carries out humanitarian activities.

At Hus-Hu Dermatology Clinic, they are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, because the safety of their patients is the highest priority. At the clinic, they offer you a comprehensive service with everything you need so you do not worry about anything, which includes different financing formulas for your comfort.

Each year, they perform more than 12,000 treatments and surgeries of their specialty. And all these years, the mouth-ear has been the main driver of growth, the patients constantly recommend Hus-Hu and for them, this recommendation is the confirmation of a job well done and their greatest satisfaction.