Fashion in Seoul 2022


What is the hottest fashion in Seoul for 2022?

Korean fashion has become popular in many countries. This is partially thanks to K-Pop, K-Dramas, and K-Beauty exposing billions of people to South Korea, Korean fashion has put Seoul on the map as a fashion capital in the world. What’s good about Korea, especially in Seoul, is that you can find what you want, when you want. Seoul is a trendy city that sets the trend!

The Hongdae Street Style

Though this particular style isn’t limited to those hanging out in the Hongdae area, it is the most common among people in their 20’s. It is a sort of relaxed street fashion or Korean streetwear, mixing together the aesthetics of rock and hip hop. The top part of clothing pieces are often oversized or baggy, though men also like relaxed fit pants and shorts to go with it. You can easily shop for the look in many of the stores in Hongdae’s streets.

The Gangnam Style

Gangnam is an affluent area with lots of fancy restaurants, plastic surgery clinics and high-end clothing stores. Gangnam style consists of a dandy look, preppy look and luxurious look. It’s the look that most girls in Seoul tend to like. It’s a clean look from head to toe. Rather than being unique, you sort of just blend, topping off the look with a brand name jacket like Moncler or a Chanel bag. 

Current trend in Seoul

Now that I’ve mentioned the two main styles, let’s talk briefly about trends in Seoul.


This fashion trend is exactly as it sounds. Korean’s, especially women, adorn clothing noticeably larger than their frame. It is both a casual and popular attire and creates a “relaxed” and low-effort appearance. Combining the relaxed fit look with something more fitted is a common mashup. For example, a loose top with fitted jeans. You can see this style almost anywhere in South Korea.

Color match

Gray, ivory and black still seem to be the most trendy. You’ll often see Koreans matching the color of their outfit to give a one color tone. It’s important you match the colors all together so one color doesn’t stand out too much. Color harmony is important. For example, wearing an ivory color jogger with an ivory sweater with a gray hat would be a typically comfortable look. I suggest you stay away from anything that has stripes or colors that really stand out since they are no longer in fashion. Another word of advice is not mixing more than two colors in your total outfit. 

Final Thought

You can get more ideas from K-pop stars like BTS or other celebrities for trendy ideas. Study how they dress, and you can try on a similar outfit.