Is cosmetic surgery better in big cities like Seoul?


Is it really better to get work done in bigger, metropolitan cities?

Getting to the point where you decide to undergo plastic surgery takes a lot of careful consideration and deep thinking. Cosmetic surgery is not a decision we make likely. Changing our face or body can have profound consequences on our life and we want to make sure we get it right. Now that you have committed to surgery, it is time to make an even more important decision. Which clinic or hospital and which doctor do I want to go to? Let's take a look at if big cities with medical hubs, like Seoul, are in fact the better choice.

Where do I live?

Obviously a blanket statement will not be sufficient to cover each and every person's individual circumstances, so we will have to take an individual based approach. You need to ask yourself "Where do I live?" If you live in a country, city or town that does not have any clinics available locally, or the local ones are too small, a bigger city like Seoul might be a better option. This is based on the logic that; a doctor who sees 10 patients a week for rhinoplasty, must be better than a doctor who sees 5 patients a week for ALL medical procedures. If you live in a big city like Tokyo for example, you might have more options, but now it comes down to quality, and value for money. 

Large hospitals

Bigger cities, with larger populations, have bigger medical centers and hospitals. Large hospitals are usually well staffed with very efficient operations. In Seoul some of the biggest cosmetic surgery hospitals have their own buildings. Fully staffed with nurses, anesthesiologists, specialized doctors and private rooms/hotel services. These big plastic surgery hospitals offer options that certain cities or countries just do not have. An example of some of the biggest plastic surgery hospitals in Korea includes: ID, View, Banobagi and DA

Better Technology

Big hospital clinics are not just good because of their wide variety of specialized services and doctors. These clinics also have the resources to invest in some of the most modern and advanced medical technology. Clinics in Seoul have 3D breast displays that can show patients what they will look like after surgery with an interactive setting that can change breast size and shape in real time. Korea's top dental clinic has a one day veneer procedure whereby your teeth are scanned with a light, new teeth are created, implanted and fitted, all in one day!

More Options

More clinics and more doctors also means more procedure options. In small towns you might be limited to options like only liposuction. In big cities like Seoul you could look at 5D liposculpture, body lifting or cool sculpting as alternative options to just conventional liposuction. 

Better Prices

Small cities, or countries with few plastic surgery clinics, might charge expensive rates due to being the only available options in the area. In big cities, where competition is high, you are able to shop around for prices that fit your budget. As there is a large volume of clinics and surgeons in a concentrated area, clinics have to compete with each other, which drives prices down. 

Luxury Services

For patients who are not price sensitive but instead care about their time, big cities like Seoul offer great luxury options.  Seoul has a variety of medical tourism agencies, some of them offering premium concierge services to patients who want to make sure they get the best possible clinics and doctors, regardless of the price. These agencies also provide all other services related to medical travel like, airport transfers, accommodation arrangements, visa applications etc.

With all of these things considered it seems to make sense to get your procedures done in bigger cities. And sometimes, even big cities, are not the best option.