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5D Body sculpting - The most advanced liposuction

Do you want your abs to be visible or to get rid of excess fat, but diets have failed. Or, perhaps you’re too scared of a ton of scars, visible all over your body as a result of conventional liposuction. In either case, keep reading, this article is for you. It is a well-known fact that Seoul is home to superior medical services and experienced specialists, none more so than in the field of body sculpting, specifically, liposuction. Most people choose to get liposuction either because their body does not respond to diet and exercising, or they might have other physical problems. A visionary doctor in Seoul has created a new way of liposuction, a minimally invasive, low pain, virtually scarless liposuction procedure called; 5D Body sculpting.

What is 5D body sculpting?

5D body sculpting is a new liposuction technique that requires a high degree of skill to sculpt the body in a way that looks natural and fit. 5D body sculpting is a term coined by the talented plastic surgeon and liposuction specialist, Doctor Ahn, who also runs his own clinic in Gangnam, Seoul. 5D body sculpting incorporates medical know-how with artistic design, in order to create a body that looks naturally beautiful.

How does it work?

5D body sculpting is done by using 5 strategically placed incision points in order to minimize scarring and trauma to the body. The doctor will make an incision in the natural fold or crease of the body, about 5mm wide, and will then insert the fat soluble Vaser tube which will be used to decompose fat without damaging the skin or muscle. For arms and flanks, the incision is made in the fold between the arm and the back.  For liposuction of the tummy, hips and legs, the incision is made on the inside of the belly button or through the pubic area. For the back area the doctor makes an incision right above the buttock crack, in a skin crease. 5D body sculpting makes scars nearly invisible because they are unseen.

(Top left: Back of the arm incision. Top right: Belly button for stomach sculpting. Bottom left: Pubic incision. Bottom right: Above buttock incision for back and hips)

The cannula, which is the probe that is used to remove the fat cells, is entered into the subcutaneous layer of the body and uses high frequency vibration to emulsify fat. This procedure is quite difficult and has been perfected by Doctor Ahn. He performs about three to five of these surgeries every week and is the leading expert of this procedure.

(Cannula and fat cells removed from subcutaneous layer)

How is it different from normal liposuction?

Conventional liposuction is performed with a cannula, the fat dissolving instrument, which is between 28 and 38 centimeters or, 15 inches, long. A good way to understand how 5D body sculpting is different from conventional liposuction is to imagine eating with chopsticks. Conventional liposuction would be equivalent to using normal chopsticks, a task that is easily manageable and not that difficult. 5D body sculpting is performed with a cannula that is a whopping 60 centimeters, 23 inches, long. Trying to use chopsticks that long would be insanely difficult and could only be done with talent and years of practice. The reason the long cannula is used is so that it can reach further into the body. More than a normal cannula is able to. This means that with 5D Body sculpting more body fat can be removed from just one incision site. Whereas with conventional liposuction the incision site is placed in a visible location AND more incisions need to be made in order to target all the areas.

(Conventional lipo scars on stomach)

(Conventional lipo scars on back)

Besides less scarring and a more natural and artistic body design, 5D body sculpting is also safer, due to the fact that there are less potential infection sites. The healing time for 5D is significantly less than it is for conventional liposuction. Patients in Seoul that have had 5D often go shopping 2 days after their surgery.  

(5D Stomach)

(5D Back)

Other benefits of 5D body sculpting

The result of 5D is visible after just one day and patients can get back to their normal life including exercising in two weeks.

Some patients might worry about the balance and shape of their body but due to the artistic approach of the 5D sculpting procedure, the result is always a natural, beautiful body. Patients look as if they have been dieting and gyming for years.

With regards to pain, as with any invasive procedure there will be discomfort after surgery, how much will depend on each individuals pain threshold. Due to the procedure requiring fewer incisions the body undergoes less stress and trauma and as such the pain is not as great as it usually would be with conventional liposuction.

Who is best suited for 5D body sculpting

5D body sculpting is suitable for any healthy individual who passes their physical examination before the surgery. 5D is great for individuals looking to reduce a large amount of fat due to being fairly overweight and is also perfectly suited for models, actors and body builders who want to remove just a little bit of fat and reshape their body into a something that they feel is more aesthetically pleasing.  

5D body sculpting is especially well suited for people of color. People of color tend to have more visible scars when receiving liposuction. Therefore 5D body sculpting offers a solution that not only limits the amount of scars, but also puts them in places that are not visible at all.

How to get to Korea?

Many people choose to make use of the service of medical concierges. Check out our article on medical concierge here.