How to Apply for K-ETA

K-ETA (Korea Electric Travel Authorisation) is an electronic travel authorisation that visa-free foreign visitors need to obtain before entering the Republic of Korea, by submitting relevant information online such as their travel information.

Therefore, visa-free foreign visitors can travel more conveniently by obtaining a KETA in advance. You must apply for K-ETA 72 hours prior to boarding.

Purpose of travel should be tourism, visiting a family member, participating in events or meetings, or commercial business (excluding pursuit of profit).

What You Need to Know

  • Application Period - Apply at least 72 hours before departure
  • Application Fee - 10,000 KRW (Approximately $9~$10 USD).
  • Period of Validity - The period of validity is 2 years from the date of authorisation
  • Necessary Documents - You will need a valid passport, e-mail address, portrait photo in e-file, and a credit or debit card to pay the K-ETA application fee.


How to Apply

Visit the K-ETA website or download the app:
  • For mobile app type K-ETA on Google Play store or Apple App store
  • For PC website click on the American flag on the upper right corner for English

Once you have downloaded the app or click on the website given via PC, you should find a menu “Apply for K-ETA”. Once you click on that menu, follow the next steps:
  1. Terms and Conditions Agreement: Select your nationality first and to apply for K-ETA, you need to agree to the collection and use of personal, sensitive and unique identification information. Please read carefully and choose to agree or disagree.
  2. Enter Passport Number and E-mail address: Type your e-mail address correctly. Your K-ETA results will be sent to your e-mail
  3. Enter passport information: You can refer to your passport and enter the information. Entering incorrect information may result in K-ETA disapproval, and in case of incorrect passport information you need to re-apply for K-ETA even if you received approval for K-ETA.
  4. Enter Application Information: Fill in the required information. K-ETA requires use of Korean postal addresses in the Korean Postal System. You’ll also need to upload your photo at this step.
  5. Check information: This is the final confirmation of the application. If there are additional members, this is where you can add them. Click on “Add” and proceed
  6. Make the payment: You’ll need to input your credit card number to make the payment
  7. Application Approved: Once your K-ETA is approved, you will receive an email with approval number.

You can also check K-ETA results with PC or phone if you visit the K-ETA site. You’ll need to input with your application number, date of birth.

There you have it! My suggestion is don’t leave this until the last minute as something can always happen. If you’ve applied for ETA before for other countries, this should be quite simple for you. Just follow the steps I have illustrated above. Upon your arrival, you’ll be delighted by the Korea’s Incheon airport as it’s ranked as one of the best in the world.