How to be a Gentleman in Seoul, Gangnam Style

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There are already videos up on YouTube of people doing the hipshake dance inside the library

In the beginning of Psy’s 'Gentleman' video you can see him inside '10 Corso Como', a luxury retail shop in the middle of affluent Gangnam selling international cult brands and limited edition products.

Devoted to Fashion, Design, Art and Cuisine, '10 Corso Como' first opened its doors in Cheongdam in 2008. The multi-brand shop sells luxury clothes by many different designers. It is also a bookstore, music- and interior design store, upscale restaurant/café and wine bar  - perfect for celebrity spotting.

'10 Corso Como' often runs exhibitions and other happenings inside their landmark. Don't miss a visit to this famous multi-brand store in trendy Seoul.


How to be a Gentleman in Seoul, Gangnam Style

The next place is already a subject of much controversy...

In the same video, Psy and his crew are dancing on a set of steps, surrounded by shelves full of books. This is the 'Seoul Metropolitan Library', right next to City Hall.

A member of the Seoul Metropolitan Council said Wednesday that it is not appropriate for Psy and his backup dancers to perform at 'Seoul Metropolitan Library' as it is a public place...the reason?

Well, after watching the music video, tourists and other foreigners could come and record themselves dancing at the library. And the council members cite the trouble that began at the Spanish Steps in Rome after Audrey Hepburn ate ice cream there in the classic film “Roman Holiday.” Despite warning notices, people still eat sweets there to this day. Perhaps they had a point as there are already videos up on YouTube of people doing the 'Gentleman video hip shake dance' inside the library.

We and record at own risk.

More info about the Seoul Metropolitan Library here.


Seoul Metropolitan Library, City Hall
Remember where Psy is horseride dancing on a boat on the Han River and there’s a swan boat next to him? This is a famous scene from Psy’s 'Gangnam Style' video.

The place, 'Han River Swan Boat Rental' at the 'Riverside Park' in Yeouido, is actually a fun place to visit. Something we would recommend if the weather is nice. Ride the novelty boats (small swan-shaped boats that you pedal) or take speedboat rides on the Han River and there’s even a large public swimming pool area nearby.

Spend an afternoon In Yeouido and picnic at the park. The boat hire place is almost directly in line with the '63 Building', a famous landmark in Seoul. You should have no problems finding the '63 Building'. Everybody knows it, and it's clearly visible from street level, just look for a bronze/golden skyscraper. Plenty of buses run there and you can also get there from 'Yeouinaru subway station', but it's a bit of a walk.

If you don't mind the walk, you can use the subway alone and get off at Yeouinaru station, come up exit 3 and turn directly to the left and take the stairs that go down to the Riverside Park.

Follow the river and keep walking straight (you'll be heading closer to 63 Bldg) until you get to the boat rental place, which you'll know by the Dutch windmill-shaped thing right above the floating structure, and the signs "Live Restaurant" and "Paradise".

Yes, it IS a restaurant on the water. But below, out the back, they rent the boats out. You have to go into the restaurant and down some stairs to get to the boat rental platform. Signs are posted, but in Korean.

Follow the arrows and go down a set of twisting stairs and you are there!


How to be a Gentleman in Seoul, Gangnam Style
At the end of the Gentleman video, Psy and the girl played by Ga-In eventually go out on a date at a Pojangmacha. These pop-up tent restaurants serve cheap, Korean comfort food to soak up the alcohol (most likely soju) towards the end of a long night out on the town.

Ga-In gets him back for his pranks and the nigh devolves into sillyness. The "Wet Psy" clip from the video with people dancing and cheering in the background is also shot at a Pochangmacha. This is as Korean as it gets. The Pochangmacha experience is definetely not to be missed!

Many favorite memories of Seoul has went down in pojangmachas. As for neighborhoods, you'll find pojangmachas late at night anywhere in the Seoul nightlife. We recommend the one in front of Hamilton Hotel, Itaewon.


Pochangmacha in Itaewon
In "Gentleman" Psy meets up with "yellow suit guy" again, but this time in an elevator.

This particular elevator belongs to the Grand InterContinental Parnas, COEX and the hotel shows up a couple more times, when Psy is dancing in a pink tuxedo jacket and the restaurant serving as the location for Psy to pull the chair out from under his date. The fine dining restaurant is called Table 34, referring to its location on the 34th floor of the hotel and this is hotel is actually located in the district of Gangnam.

If you want to impress your date, bring her/him here. You might see some marriage proposals if you're lucky as this restaurant is a favorite proposal place for many Seoulites.


The Grand InterContinental Seoul