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Welcome to Seoul - the second largest metropolitan area in the world after Tokyo. Almost half of South Korea's population live in Seoul Greater Metropolitan Area, making it a central political, financial and cultural hub, attractive to Koreans as well as foreigners. Here we have a city of some 25 million souls, their home, an open-all-hours playground of galloping commerce, pierced with skycrapers and a sheen of searing neon, Seoul is a veritable feast for the senses - the ears are set ringing with a cacophony of piped K-pop or sounds erupting from underground karaoke rooms, the tastebuds tingling by spicy barbecued beef or wriggling octopus tentacles.

By turn, energetically modern and satisfying traditional, Seoul is one of the great Asian cities. The South Korean capital, however, remains tantalizingly unknown in the West; a little introduction, therefore, is in order...

This is one of the world's most user-friendly and safe cities - whether one desires to eat, drink or make merry, everything is ready and waiting all day and all night. The diversity of Seoul is immense and what might seem overwhelming at first is just as manageable when getting to know the city.

Essentially Seoul can be divided into six major zones each with its own characteristic and with nightlife, accommodation, restaurants and shopping abound for every taste and soul.

Here's a map of the six major areas in Seoul:


Heart of Seoul


Traditional Seoul


Multicultural Seoul
Youth of Seoul


Trendy Seoul


Modern Seoul