Body lifting in Korea for areas of concern


Under the influence of Covid, it is easy to find people who have gained weight as they start working from home, outside activities are restricted due to social distancing, and exercise time is significantly reduced. As summer approaches without fail, it is the time when the movements of those who are busy planning and carrying out diet plans can be witnessed.

Dieting is necessary for health, but if you do it the wrong way, your constitution may change or you may experience a yo-yo effect and gain more weight than before. Rather than blind starvation diets, raw food diets, and appetite suppressants, you can consider obesity procedures that can selectively reduce only the areas of concern.

‘V30 Laser’, using high-frequency energy, is one of them. The V30, also called Viora Laser, is a device that can be customized for each part by using various high-frequency energies of 0.8, 1.7, and 2.45Mhz and three handpieces.
Among the handpieces used with the Viora Laser, the V-ST first uses three separate high-frequency frequencies to deliver energy to the body skin that has lost elasticity, including fine wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. You can expect a lifting effect by being reborn with elastic skin.

V-FORM uses radio frequency energy and vacuum to help contour the body and remove and reduce cellulite. High-frequency energy targets the enlarged fat mass to induce fat cell reduction, and vacuum technology promotes metabolism to help blood circulation. The decomposed fat or waste products are made up of lymphatic drainage.

Viora Laser can manage obesity by performing procedures on areas where fat is concentrated, such as the abdomen or thighs, and also helps with body lifting of saggy skin that has lost elasticity after losing weight. If you are worried about partially gaining weight, you can try to improve it through surgery.

The procedure takes about 12 to 20 minutes, and it is a non-invasive procedure that does not require anesthesia, so there is no need for a separate recovery period and you can return to your daily life right away. It varies from person to person, but if you repeat the treatment 3 to 5 times on average, you can expect a noticeable effect.

The V30 utilizes three handpieces and various wavelengths to act on the epidermis layer, dermis layer, and fat layer of the skin, so it can catch both the lipolysis effect and the lifting effect. By receiving Viora Laser consulting at a skin clinic recommended by Shin Medical, you will be able to obtain results that increase the effectiveness of each individual.